The Killing 2: Episodes Nine and Ten Reviewed

by Lisa McGarry

So there’s me with egg on my face once again after I gave the assertion that all that stuff with Strange was a red herring and the real killer was someone else. When I heard there would be a twist at the end I thought my Bjorn prediction would be right but in the end it was Mr Ulrik Strange that bumped off the Team Aegir members after he knew that Anne Dragsholm recognised him as the man posing as Perk. Well done too to Nicky H for pointing out that Bilal was up to his neck in it and indeed he seemed like the obvious candidate especially after he kidnapped Louis Raben. In fact Bilal’s only crime was a heightened sense of guilt after deleting the radio signals alerting the base of the situation involving the killing of civilians.

It seemed that only people who knew of Strange’s return to Afghanistan were General Arlid and the Prime Minister who both had decided to cover up the deaths for the greater good. As well as the police finding their perfect fall guy in Bilal it was Defence Minister Rossing who was hung out to dry after he was overly faithful to his leader. Strange’s last job was to finish off Jens but once again Sarah Lund put the pieces together and realised that Strange had planted the evidence wanting to frame Sogaard and got lucky when the finger was pointed at Bilal. The most shocking moment was when Strange shot Sarah but the majority of people knew that Sarah Lund doesn’t go down without a fight and she always bought protection when going out with two men, in this case a bullet-proof vest. Lund got the killer and Jens was physically unharmed however Strange managed to resurrect enough mental scars to probably send him back to the institution.

The Politicians

The one shining beacon throughout this second series has been the lovely Justice Minister Thomas Buch who almost became the male Sarah Lund in this series. As I previously mentioned the other 3-2-Alpha member, HC, was discussed very briefly and he had to reappear later on. I thought that he hadn’t actually died in a car accident but instead it turned out that his father was Buch’s adviser Plough. Plough wrongly believed that Rossing was behind the cover-up, because that’s what Monberg had told him, so he wrongly put his trust into the Prime Minister. If The Killing has taught us one thing it’s that you should never get a political adviser that looks shifty and wears glasses as Plough turned out to be the Morten Weber to Buch’s Troels Hartmann. Even after the Plough revelation Buch was still intent on bringing down the man at the top but was seemingly sweet-talked into taking a more prominent role in the cabinet if only to help the Prime Minister from not making any more mistakes. The final scene sees Buch looking unhappy with his decision as the door was literally closed on Karina and the plan to appoint a new PM.

The Raben Family and the military

So like in the world of politics it seemed that this cover-up went all the way to the General and Colonel Jarvig’s brief incarceration was only to take the heat of the higher-ups. Jens and the colonel finally seemed to put their differences aside as they helped rescue Louise from Bilal and it also seemed that the Rabens would get their happy ending once all of the charges against Jens had been dropped. But then this is The Killing and I thought that Strange would finish his job and get rid of all of 3-2-Alpha and he almost succeeded but instead he reminded Jens of how it was him who killed the little girl in Afghanistan something that he will know have to life with and something that he may struggle to move on from. We also saw that life kept moving on for the colonel as a new bunch of recruits came to the barracks.

Random Observations and Queries

So where does that leave Sarah now? Without a potential love interest and a couple of evil looks in Brix’s direction it seemed that she was destined to go back to the passport control office even though Ruth assured her that this wouldn’t be the case. We have been promised a return for Sarah Lund in the third and final series but we don’t know where that will be?

What happened to Sogaard? He was last seen being held at the police station but was he still there when the party was going on? If not then surely he should’ve been standing side by side with the Colonel welcoming the new recruits.

I loved the scene in which Ruth wanted to introduce her lover Brix to her husband this was extremely awkward indeed.

Even though he may be unhappy in his career at least Buch’s diet has improved as he was last seen munching on carrot sticks.

Overall I have enjoyed this series however as it has been half the length of The Killing’s first instalment it doesn’t seem fair that we already lose our beloved Sarah Lund. It has been interesting how different this story has been following a serial killer, going to Afghanistan, exploring the inner workings of the military and exploring corruption in the parliament going all the way up to the Prime Minister. While I didn’t think it was as good as series one I was never bored and always came up with a theory that was disproved five minutes later in the same episode. I’d like to end by saying thanks for the comments people have left below these articles and hopefully it won’t be long before BBC4 airs The Killing III.
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