The Killing Episode Three and Four Reviewed

by Lisa McGarry

I never like to admit to myself but after studying the ident card for this season of The Killing I did somewhat miss that the mysterious dogtags were in the background but they played a part here in the third killing in as many episodes as this time it was the wheelchair-bound Gruner who met his maker after a he was doused in petrol and a fire went off triggered by his mobile phone. Once again the dogtag was left hanging over his car and Jens, who had gone to meet him, saw this as an ominous sign. From now on in these blogs I’m going to break down what we know so far about the investigation and then look into the impact on other storylines.

The Investigation – What we know so far.
Well we know now the connection between all three victims. Anna Dragsholm was the lawyer for the eight strong 3-2 Alpha team who defended them after they were accused of unlawfully killing civilians during their last tour of Afghanistan. Three of their number were killed during a bomb blast on a bridge and the other two victims – Myg and Gruner have both been murdered during the series. The other three members are Jens who is currently still a mental escapee, the unseen HC who apparently died in a road accident and Lisbeth Tomson a feisty woman who had left Denmark and was currently chopping wood on a remote Swedish island.

From Lisbeth we learnt that another Officer named Perk went crazy and started randomly shooting civilians. We then learnt that the person or people who were planning these murders had tried to get to Lisbeth by ringing her flat posing as the tax office and trying to get the new tenant to reveal her current location. The current threat on her life was by someone planting explosives in her gun cabinet luckily Jens had been lurking in the woods and the two ran off together. Earlier the Colonel had noted that somebody had stolen 5 grams of explosives from the army lock-up so could it be that it is one of the soldiers we have already met?

Anna Dragsholm’s support of the soldiers led to her subsequently being quietly released from her position as a military adviser but she never stopped pursuing the case which could’ve led to her death as Myg said last week he thought it was over but it wasn’t.
Away from the soldiers, Kodmani was still being held but he’d seemed to be sympathetic to Lund’s line of questioning. He revealed that his internet contact Fellow Believer had appealed to his angry side and had got him to post the video of Anne’s death on his website as well as setting up a post-office box for donations which was later found to contain the forged dogtags. Kodmani realised that rather than Fellow Believer being a fundamentalist he was actually someone trying to punish his own group by setting him up for a fall. Kodmani added to our speculation saying that he thought Fellow Believer sounded like someone who was or had been in the military.

The Politicians
I also knew I was right to be questioning the backstory of Buch’s predecessor Frode Monberg whose sudden heart attack wasn’t really dealt with. This week we learnt that he met up with Anne Dragsholm a week before her murder and that lead to speculation that he may have been having an affair after Plough revealed that Monberg had skipped meetings. Instead Monberg was having an affair with his secretary who told them that he’d asked her to post an envelope that had recently returned and contained the case notes of Anne’s defence of the Afghan soldiers and Monberg had written a covering note saying that he wanted the trial re-opening. The secretary noted that he had been withdrawn and was drinking too quickly so it is apparent that he knew Anne may have been in trouble.

Buch himself had more trouble with the Anti-Terrorism bill and seemed to be getting abuse from opposition member Ms Agger a feisty woman in trouser suits who seems to be able to wrap him round her little finger. In some of the final scenes in which Buch met with the Prime Minister it seemed to me like they were setting him up as a fall guy in so far as if the bill fell through they could blame it on an inexperienced minister. Overall though I felt the segments with politicians sitting around talking delayed the action. It wasn’t too bad in series one in which a lot of the stuff with Hartmann linked back to the Nana case but until the final revelation I found Buch’s stuff intriguing but not vital.

The Raben Family

With her husband having escaped Louise made the decision to finally settle on the barracks with her father and enrol Jonas in the local school and gets to work painting his new bedroom. Louise and Jens meet twice with her disobeying her father’s orders and helping her husband find Lisbeth but in this second exchange she says that she must think about their son first and bids him farewell. Their final meeting in the car park looking at each other and talking on the phones was so bittersweet as Jens’ face seemed to suggest that he’d lost his wife. And to be fair he may well be right as she almost fell instantly into the arms of the hairy blonde officer Sogard after they did the classic wiping paint of her face romantic stare thing. I am now putting money on at least a kiss between these two by the end of next week’s double bill.

Questions that need answering

The biggest question this week is what was the evidence that Anne found that meant the case had to be re-opened? We know that she met with Monberg before her murder and told him as much and Myg also alluded to ‘it not being over’ so that would allude to the case not being shut.
Who is Officer Perk? And more importantly does he exist are we to take Lisbeth’s words at face value?
One question from last week that still needs answering is who is Fellow Believer? Kodmani narrowed down the search a little bit by telling Sarah that he thought it was a military or an ex-military man, so it someone we’ve met already?
Again why hasn’t Bilal been looked at a bit more thoroughly? He bought books from Kodmani and if Fellow Believer is a military man surely he’d be the prime suspect?
Is the main suspect a military man we’ve already met so in other words Bilal, Sogard or the Colonel? Or is one of the other characters an ex-military man?
Who is the priest and how is he involved? He seemed to have the numbers of all the squad members and was the only that knew that Jens was meeting Gruner at the car park, could he have set up the death?
Who stole the explosives from the barracks? Is this person the killer?
I know I’ve bought this up already but is Buch himself being set up and are the murders part of a Government conspiracy? Buch to me seems like the sort of decent everyman in a world full of corruption were nobody means what they say.
Is the other 3-2-Alpha Officer, H.C., still alive? The priest told Jens that he’d died in a car accident but that seemed all a bit neat to me and after all this is The Killing.

Random Observations and Queries
I have to say I still don’t trust Sarah’s mother’s fiancé Bjorn. In The Killing there is not one throwaway scene and from the outset the coffee and cakes meeting at the flat seemed to be just that. But Bjorn left the flat after Ulrik and Sarah were discussing the case citing a Gluten allergy as the reason but I think there’s more to it. I may well be reading far too much into it but then I was right about Monberg last week.
The writers seem to be building on the sexual tension between Ulrik and Sarah by her acting somewhat jealous when he goes off on a date with a random blonde. Later we even see her opening up to him, a rarity with Lund, as she tells him about her aborted romance with the Swede and reacts to this by telling her he couldn’t see her in the woods. The line that made me laugh the most was when Ulrik tried to invite himself in for cakes and Sarah dismissed this telling him she’d see him at work.
I do like how Lennart Brix’s character has developed this season. Last time he was a bit player who was just another senior official telling Lund she was going too far but this time we see a softer side to him. He has to stand up for Sarah but at the same time keep a professional edge with Special Branch. We also found out that he is having it off with Ruth the Deputy Commissioner and as we all know mixing business and pleasure is never a good idea.
A few scenes here reminded me why I love The Killing so much. This includes Louise and Sarah’s meeting with the panoramic camera angles, Jens’ watching his wife and son from behind bars and mainly Gruner’s death accompanied by the eerily upbeat Lollipop song.
I also can see parallels between Buch here and Lund in the last series. Both seem to be overwhelmed by a mysterious case and Buch is putting his job ahead of his family just like she did in series one. The phone calls home and the bouncing of the ball add a playful side to this character that could otherwise just be seen as the token politician.
While we’ll on Buch I am slightly afraid that like his predecessor he will suffer a heart attack if he goes on eating junk food and drinking too much.
Sarah ditched the season two red jumper in Episode Four for what I think was the Season One jumper. Can anybody let me know if I’m right?

What do you think of this week’s double bill? Have you got your suspects yet? Can you answer any of my questions? Join in the discussion and leave a comment below.

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