The Killing II: Episode Seven and Eight Review

by Lisa McGarry

You know what it’s like you get to know someone, almost kiss them and then it turns out they could’ve killed five people right under your nose. That’s the dilemma that Sarah Lund finds herself in when it transpires that partner and potential love interest Ulrik Strange could’ve been the man calling himself Perk and has been finishing off the Team Aegir squad one by one. Although I can’t be the only one who thought the Strange thing was one big red herring as there were far too many loose ends. More than that it could turn out that Jens wasn’t as whiter than white than we first thought and he himself had threatened villagers. Also in this double bill we found out that Sogaard could be going behind the colonel’s back and that the conspiracy might go all the way up to the Prime Minister. And as we saw at the end Sarah and Ulrik had made up again and were on their way to Afghanistan, and yes it seems she’s still going to wear that jumper.

The Investigation – What we know so far.

Sebastian Holst, one of Jens’ squad members, had recorded a video diary claiming that Jens was getting increasingly paranoid and pulling his gun on civilians. He had threatened the lives of the civilians who were allegedly killed by the officer going by the name Perk.
Holst’s brother Frederick, who was also in the army, has been in Denmark for the past three weeks and has just returned to Afghanistan. A search of Frederick’s house found that he had a picture of 3-2-Alpha with the faces crossed of the murdered soldiers crossed out.
Sogaard had withheld information from the colonel regarding the whereabouts of 3-2-Alpha during the incident.
Rossing had received a fax on the day of the officer’s funeral telling him that there was an extra hand found in the remains of the soldiers. It took him two months to ask for another report which confirmed the hand belonged to a suicide bomber.

The Politicians

Things have got increasingly heated this week for poor old Thomas Buch as he has increasingly gone out on a limb to prove the corruption of Rossing covering up certain pieces of evidence regarding the 3-2-Alpha mystery. In a meeting with Krabbe from the People’s Party it is suggested that it might go all the way to the Prime Minister as the delay with the medical reports was during a bill to increase military funding. From getting drunk at embassies to going to visit Krabbe in the dead of night, Buch has increasingly resembled a mad man and he really should try and team up with Lund once again. I also like that Plough and Karina are both ardently sticking by their boss despite the fact they are going to be sent to some desolated outpost that neither of them have heard of. It is obvious that Buch isn’t going to resign quietly and that the final double bill should pack a punch as far as the political story goes.

The Raben Family

Well it didn’t take Louise long did it? After deciding to move on with her life and burn all of her husband’s old letters and home videos she’ s straight in the sack with some quite rough rumpy pumpy with the untrustworthy Sogaard. Is it me or do we know have to see Sogaard in some state of undress every week? After Jens is finally bought in for questioning once again Louise abandons her husband in favour of her new lover despite him being the one possibly trying to bring down her father. And talking of the colonel any doubts of his involvement in the murders and Jens’ downfall were subsided this week after he helped his son-in-law escape which saw him get in trouble with his superiors.

Questions that need answering

Is Frederick Holst the killer then? The evidence would certainly point that way but would a character we don’t meet till episode nine be the killer? That just doesn’t sit well with me.

What is Sogaard’s part in this? We know he is extremely tough on his cadets could he have sent someone over the top?

What’s going to happen to Jens now?

Are the Prime Minister and Rossing linked to the military? Or is there cover-up for some other reason all together?

Random Observations and Queries

I absolutely loved Buch this instalment my favourite moments had to be the embassy scene with the harp and him confronting Krabbe in the men’s toilets.
While we’re on Buch is he feeling alright, he didn’t want sweets any more just pears.

And another Buch faux pas when he mistook Krabbe’s wife for his au pair, great.

Lund and Strange’s relationship went from strength to strength and her opening up to him almost signalled the start of a new love affair. I thought it was really sweet when he mentioned the fact that he’d told his kids he was so happy because he’d met her, doesn’t he know the torment that goes with getting involved with the Lunds.

No Bjorn this week but I’m still utterly suspicious of him and reckon he’ll creep up again before the series is finished.

Loved seeing Brix use a bit of sexual blackmail towards Ruth when he mentioned their nightly rendezvouses in random hotel rooms.

How long will Sarah last under the Afghan heat before she finally has to take that jumper off?

What are your theories? Who do you think the killer is? Leave your comments below and join in the discussion

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