The Life & Times of Tim On Virgin 1: Watch 4 GREAT Clips!

Hit US animated comedy The Life & Times of Tim is coming to the UK – and it’s exclusive to Virgin1! Produced by HBO, who brought such hits to the screen as The Sopranos and Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Life & Times of Tim is about to become a cult comedy sensation on this side of the pond.

Tim’s an everyday, nice, working guy who can’t help but get himself into the worst situations. No matter the situation, life’s little challenges always manage to demand the most offensive solutions, which wouldn’t be such a problem if he weren’t continually caught red-handed.

Tim lives in New York with his girlfriend Amy, who just wants them to be in a normal couple like everyone else, patiently putting up with his antics for as long as it takes for him to get his life in order.

Unfortunately, this is not made any easier by the fact that Tim’s world is full of characters who seem determined to aid him in his ongoing quest for cringe-worthy, embarrassing, and downright humiliating situations. Such as Tim’s workmates Rodney and Stu. Stu lives for the simple things in life, like free food at the office and women with big boobs. He acts purely out of instinct, with no regard for the consequences of his actions. He’s actually kind of ambitious, but for all the wrong reasons. Rodney is the Boss’s loud assistant, whose primary interests are sports and porn, but not much else. And then there’s Debbie the ageing prostitute who lives next door and often stops by to chat to Tim. She adores Tim and supports his sometimes misguided decisions.

Tim somehow always gets it wrong, whether it’s inviting a hooker to meet his girlfriend’s parents to slapping his boss’s daughter’s behind at her prom.

Tim is the brainchild of Steve Dildarian, a former host of Saturday Night Live and the man behind the Budweiser lizards, who also voices Tim himself.

Filled with a cast of voices drawn from the New York comedy circuit, The Life & Times of Tim will make a legion of UK comedy fans cringe and laugh in equal measure.

The Life & Times of Tim is on Tuesdays at 10pm from June 9th. From Warner Bros. Television and Werner-Gold-Miller, The Life & Times of Tim is created by and executive-produced by Steve Dildarian, Tom Werner (“That 70s Show,” “3rd Rock from the Sun,” “The Cosby Show”), Jimmy Miller (“Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby,” “Borat”) and Mike Clements.