The Magicians: Myleene Klass Walks on Glass and Adam Woodyatt does Elvis! (PICTURES)

by Lisa McGarry

The fourth episode of BBC One’s The Magicians aired on Saturday, 28th January, with another spellbinding show, presented by Darren McMullen.

The programme saw World Champion of Magic, Latimer, joined by presenter and broadcaster Myleene Klass. Their location grand illusion saw them at the London docks where the pair performed a dramatic escapology trick in which they were handcuffed, put inside a canvas sack, inside a large metal cage, and dropped in to the Thames. After a gruelling two minutes had passed, the cage was lifted out the water only to reveal the sack was empty. Latimer and Myleene then miraculously appeared on an adjacent bridge!

For their live grand illusion the pair did a beautiful routine which included a magical dancing dress and a disappearance.

Pete Firman was with EastEnders’ very own Ian Beale, Adam Woodyatt, who showed he was the King during their show stopping live grand illusion; in their own Vegas style tribute Adam dressed in a bejewelled lycra jumpsuit.

Their location grand illusion had the pair perform a trick with 52 assorted cars – yes cars not cards – each with a giant reverse side of a playing card on its roof. One spectator was asked to pick a card from a standard card deck of Pete’s, whilst another was asked to choose a random car. The chosen car was driven forward whilst the drivers of the other cars pulled off the card backs on their roofs, revealing 51 different card faces. Amazingly the card on the chosen car was the same as that picked from the pack of cards.

Magical duo, and the only magicians to not have faced the forfeit so far, Barry and Stuart were paired with Holby City star Tina Hobley. For their location grand illusion they were joined by a group of paranormal enthusiasts as they went on a tour of a haunted hospital. During their investigation there was a whole host of ghostly goings climaxing with Tina being dragged up a wall.

Things were equally as creepy in their street magic act when they managed to make a frog disappear from their hands and reappear in their mouths much to the astonishment, and at times disgust, of the gathered crowd.

Their live grand illusion saw the trio do a hilarious trick where six members of the audience were fooled as they were blind folded and asked to make sure Tina did not escape from a box.

The speciality act for the night flown in from America especially for the occasion was one of the world’s leading quick change acts David and Dania.

At the end of the night it was Adam Woodyatt who was top of the viewers’ votes with Tina Hobley coming in second place. Sadly for Latimer and Myleene the votes weren’t in their favour and the celebrity and magician pair had to be steady on their feet and strong of mind as they faced the astonishing forfeit.

Both Myleene and Latimer had to step barefoot into a pit of broken glass. They then had to walk over the razor shards as the audience cheered them on. Once at the end of the pit they stepped on to a podium and had to drop to their knees before a solid stone block was smashed over their head. Latimer went first, followed bravely by Myleene. The tension was palpable in the studio as Myleene was clearly scared but showed her bravery by accepting the challenge nonetheless.

Myleene said, “I can’t believe I just did that; I just thought what if he misses! I need to ring my mum!”