The Midnight Beast: E4 release fantasmagorical preview video clip!

The Midnight Beast. Coming to E4 in July.

Now, I have to begin this post by owning up to the fact that I’ve never heard of The Midnight Beast before…

Which, given that the whole concept is something of a sensation in a YouTube kinda way – and I’m meant to be hip and happenin’ on the entertainment scene front, which I’m clearly not – is something of an epic fail.

However, if you are similarly a TMB virgin – that’s short for The Midnight Beast by the way… oh, you knew that. Ok then – fear not for all shall be revealed here as Channel 4 and their BFF E4 have released a sneaky peek look at the forthcoming show, which you can see after the jump.

So, what is TMB? Well, apparently, it’s a British comedy group who’re based in London and who shot to t’interweb fame after they posted a parody of the 2009 hit track TiK ToK by American singer Ke$ha…

TMB currently consists of its three founding members, Stefan Abingdon, Dru Wakely and Ashley Horne, and for their show on E4, which will consist of 6 episodes, they are depicted by a fictionalized version of the band going about their lives while trying to become successful musicians.

The Midnight Beast have around 290,000 subscribers – and a total of 40 million views – on their YouTube channel, as well as boasting over 300,000 Facebook fans.

Of the new TV show, C4’s press release states…

As well as slipping into wild music videos, the six-part series charts the band’s failures and successes as they try to claw and hobble through a sea of bizarre obstacles and unsavoury characters toward pop stardom.

Their day-to-day challenges include sharing a dingy East London flat, trying to impress girls when they have no cash and working out who has to sleep on the kitchen floor.

They are joined in their travails by a host of comedic guest stars including regulars Simon Farnaby as Sloman, their perverse neighbour; Ryan Pope as their iniquitous manager Chevy; and Sophie Wu as Zoe, Stef’s long-suffering girlfriend.

The Midnight Beast is written by Jason Hazeley, Joel Morris and newbie writer Tom Edge. It’s directed by Ben Gregor with Mary Burke producing.

So, without further ado, here’s the video…

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