The Mimic starts tonight, Channel 4 with Terry Mynott, Jacob Anderson & Sharon Duncan-Brewster

the mimic 1

The Mimic kicks off a new series on Channel 4 this evening, to high levels of anticipation if you’ve been keeping an eye on Twitter today.

The five-part sitcom centres on the life of Martin Hurdle (Terry Mynott), a supposedly ordinary maintenance man who turns out to be an incredible impersonator with a knack of mimicking voices.

In the first instalment Martin makes his way to work, battling traffic jam after traffic jam and we are greeted with Terry Wogan on the radio saying ‘it’s on mornings like this that I wish I was back in Phuket bouncing a lady boy on each knee!’. Of course it isn’t Terry at all – he’s retired now hasn’t he? – but it’s Martin as he makes his way to his day job at a pharmaceutical company where he has worked for more than 7 years.

Things get interesting when it is revealed to him later in the episode that he may have an 18 year old son, after his former girlfriend Dionne (Sharon Duncan-Brewster) confirms that there is every chance he is Steven’s (Jacob Anderson) dad and arranges for them to meet.

the mimic

Before their first rendezvous Marton’s best pal Jean (Jo Hartley) tells him that his impressions will impress his new son, but Martin decides that a better tactic might be to request a promotion at work instead. When that doesn’t work out he pretends to be the company’s manager over the plant’s tannoy system which only lands him in more hot water.

Finally, Martin and Steven travel to see the doctors at a DNA clinic to discover whether they are related or not. Unfortunately this only leaves Martin feeling more concerned about his worth as a father. Is he Steven’s dad? And if he is, how can he avoid being such a disappointment?

The Mimic, tonight, 10PM, Channel 4. Leave your comments below…..