The Nation’s Favourite Dance Moments: Kylie Minogue, Torvill and Dean, Olivia Newton-John and MC Hammer discuss their iconic dance routines in this Top 20 countdown show


Tonight ITV countdown the 20 most iconic dance moments that have captured the hearts of the nation. From booty popping to hair flipping, Riverdance to Flashdance, Hammer Time to Timewarp, the dancers and choreographers who helped create the magic reveal what it takes for a dance move to enter the national consciousness.

The show hears from some of the originators of the dance routines who talk about their original creation. Olivia Newton-John discusses the infectious dance routines from Grease while the current cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show explain why we’re still doing ‘The Time Warp’ after all these years. Meanwhile, Christopher Dean talks about how he and Jane Torvill shot to fame after performing the ‘Bolero’ at the Winter Olympics. Also on the show is legendary director John Landis who tells us all about shooting the iconic video for Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and the dance routine that went with it.


The list has been compiled by a panel of judges including Strictly Come Dancing’s Len Goodman, Diversity’s Ashley Banjo and X-Factor choreographer Brian Friedman. Meanwhile some of the other contributors to the show include Kylie Minogue, Fatboy Slim and MC Hammer.

The finale of the show will see a flash mob perform a countdown of the twenty dance routines in a busy train station, thus giving a fitting tribute to the popularity of all of these iconic dance moments.

The Nation’s Favourite Dance Moments airs tonight on ITV at 8:15pm

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