The Newsroom: Brand new featurette introduces new characters; Rebecca Halliday, Jerry Dantana, Hallie Shea, Taylor Warren


The Newsroom is set to return to our screens this Sunday (14 July) and what better time to introduce some new faces to the team.

Yesterday, a brand new featurette video was unveiled on YouTube in which series creator Aaron Sorkin and executive producer and director, Alan Poul along with the new cast members gave commentaries on the new characters and how they would affect the storyline leading into season 2.

Poul explains: “We have some great new characters this season that are all set up to have very complicated interactions with several of the people in our cast”.

The first notable new character is Marcia Gay Harden’s Rebecca Halliday. Halliday is a First Amendment lawyer who is on the case over the tea party/American Taliban jibe that McAvoy made in the first season. It is her job to ensure that the characters don’t say the wrong thing during the cross examination.

Harden describes her character as “super, super, super, smart and a little bit smug” whilst Sorkin says “people are really going to love her”.

Next up is Hamish Linklater who plays the role of Jerry Dantana. Dantana is a veteran of ANC’s DC Bureau who comes up to replace Jim whilst he’s away covering the Romney Campaign.


Jerry “would love nothing more than to score a big story while Jim is in New Hampshire” according to Sorkin, but, when he gets a tip about a hot story, things go “terribly wrong”.

Elsewhere, Grace Gummer will appear as Hallie Shea – she is a fellow reporter embedded on the bus with Jim on the road and resents him being there. Gummer says that her character is “a very ambitious and strong young woman”.

Finally, there’s Constance Zimmer who is set to star as Taylor Warren. Taylor is a Romney Campaign spokeswoman, which causes her and Jim to spar during the season. Although she has nothing against Jim personally, she feels hating the press is a part of her job.

Poul says Warren “has nothing against Jim personally but she hates the press and hating the press is a part of her job”.

In one of the clips, Warren says: “I hate the press in ways you can’t even comprehend”.

The Newsroom returns to HBO at 10/9c on Sunday, July 14.

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