The Newsroom season 2 spoilers: Jim returns as a field reporter on the Romney campaign

The Newsroom2

HBO has released a brand new promo video for the second season of The Newsroom, which is set to premiere this June.

Unlike the first season, the storyline that is set in the first episode will serve as a thread throughout the whole run.

The key storyline in the second season includes a wrongful termination lawsuit that threatens the careers and reputation of both Will and Charlie.

Meanwhile, Maggie is set “to lose everything” whilst Jim returns as a field reporter covering the Romney campaign.

The Newsroom1

Neal latches onto another story this time around, that yet again his bosses are quite reluctant to go with. Also, Don’s tension with Sloan continues, threatening his rekindled relationship with Maggie.

Will and MacKenzie also continue to work together despite their history, in which MacKenzie reminds Will: “For just a minute, you forgot that you were mad at me”.

The new season of The Newsroom premieres at 10/9c on June 14th on HBO.

Take a look at the trailer, below:

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