The Noughties: Fatter, Richer, Greener. Happier?

by Lisa McGarry

It’s the end of an era – the decade no-one can spell or pronounce is coming to an end and to celebrate Channel 4 has been finding out what people really think of the Noughties.

As part of research for a new two-part show on the greatest TV and music of the Noughties, coming to our screens at Christmas, we discovered that despite the recession hitting us in the latter part of the 00s more than half of those surveyed via an Ipsos MORI online survey of 16-54 year olds think they have more disposable income now than they did 10 years ago. So have these riches made them happier?

As it happens, perhaps not. We discovered that only 40% of people surveyed said that they will remember the past 10 years as a good decade to have lived through while, for most, apathy reigns and they consider it to have been ‘average’. Perhaps that’s because, when asked if children’s behaviour is worse now than ten years ago, four out of five people believed it was worse and the majority of those surveyed admit to being fatter than they were in 2000, despite this decade’s obsession with obesity.

So what were the things that kept us entertained through these cheerless times? The Greatest TV Shows of the Noughties will answer some of life’s big questions – why does Kevin McCloud have nightmares about Top Gear, and what does Louis Walsh really think about that glass of water incident? The Greatest Songs of The Noughties will also feature some of the big names who’ve had hits over the past ten years from Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody to Will Young to Sugababe Heidi Range to Beverley Knight, giving us their views on what they think was hot and not from the past decade.

The way we consume music and TV has changed drastically during the past ten years, which might explain why the official end of the decade statistics for what we watched and listened to are so… disappointing. Surely Bob the Builder and Heartbeat aren’t what we’ll remember the Noughties for? So we’ve asked industry experts, leading critics and the general public to vote for what they would choose as the greatest songs and TV of the Noughties, not just the most blockbusting.

To find out what has rocked our world over the past ten years tune in to The Greatest TV Shows of the Noughties on Sunday 27th and The Greatest Songs of the Noughties on Monday 28th December, 9pm, Channel 4.