The One Show: Alex Jones finally addresses Jason Manford’s Twitter disgrace!

by Lisa McGarry

Alex Jones walked into a storm of controversy when she replaced The One Show’s Christine Bleakley and braved her co-host’s sex scandal. Now the talented TV star has admitted that there’s finally been a break in the clouds.

Alex was caught in the sex-scandal crossfire last November surrounding Jason Manford’s tweets. He had been caught sending lewd and explicit messages via the social networking site to young women, despite the fact that he is married and his wife was pregnant at the time. Speaking about the furore, Alex told The Sun’s Buzz magazine:

“I don’t know exactly what happened but whatever he did, it might have been boredom. Jason was on tour…young men…Not that it’s an excuse.”

“I remember I was driving home to Wales and the editor of The One Show rang me and said: ‘Listen, Alex, there’s going to be something in the papers tomorrow – and it’s not great…He said Jason was leaving and explained that they wouldn’t make any decisions without talking to me. I was really scared because I was left with a big show and I was on my own. I was doing Children In Need in Cardiff that night, so I didn’t speak to Jason but he texted and just said: ‘Are you okay?’ There were a few texts forward and back but I wanted to give him time with his wife Catherine to sort everything out.”

“Later Jason told me himself…He said the press had got hold of a story. He didn’t go into it. It must be embarrassing for a boy to tell a girl something like that. I just said: ‘Oh, you know.’ I didn’t know the extent of it. I understood it to be just messages.”

On the subject of boys and girls, let’s talk about some of Alex’s ex boyfriends. The Welsh star used to date (and now works with) Let’s Dance For Comic Relief presenter Steve Jones and also Matt Johnson, host of The Hub on ITV1’s This Morning. On speculation that she and Matt are back together, Jones insisted:

“Matt and I will always be close but we are not back together…That picture of us looked worse than it was. We don’t think about not being affectionate because somebody might get the wrong impression – life’s too short for that kind of stuff. If people want to make a thing out of it, whatever, it’s not a big deal.”

On her other former lover Steve Jones she added:

“Steve’s got this list of women that goes everywhere with him, which is a shame because there’s more to him than just ladies…Although even my mother fancies him.”

Steve has claimed he likes to wow ladies with romantic getaways but Alex revealed they aren’t always that glamorous:

“He took me to Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire…Thanks for that, Steve! We went and saw the monkeys and the lions.”