The Radfords return to Channel 4 with 16 Kids and Counting

16 Kids and Counting 2

The Radfords will make another appearance on Channel 4 tonight, as their much talked about film ’16 Kids and Counting’ is repeated.

The family are the UK’s largest (that live together in one home) and they are set to expand even further, as mum Sue is pregnant with her sixteenth child and her eldest daughter Sophie, 18, is following her mum’s example and is waiting for the arrival of her first baby too.

On top of the two new arrivals, the group are also planning a road trip to France, which is sure to be quite the production, considering the numbers involved.

Throughout it all Sue has her hands full as she washes nine loads of laundry a day and Noel works over time and extra jobs to put food on the table for the 18 people at his home.

16 Kids and Counting

At the end of the one off film things reach a climax when Sue goes into labour and has to go into hospital for four days. Her elderly mum and dad take control at home and get a taste of how hectic her day to day routine has become.

16 Kids and Counting 1

Things are set to get even worse when the new baby arrives and when Sophie, Joe and their new baby move into Sue and Noel’s basement.

What did you think of 16 Kids and Counting? Watch at 10pm on Channel 4 tonight and leave your comments below…

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