The Real Exorcist Coming To Virgin 1

A compelling new series on Virgin1 this week explores one of religion’s biggest crontroversies: exorcism. The Real Exorcist follows Reverend Bob Larson as he attempts to help people who believe they are possessed. Larson has performed over 6,000 exorcisms in the last 20 years, and believes this kind of spiritual cleansing is a necessity in modern society.

Exorcism has long been one of the most secretive aspects of the church, with most religious institutions desperate to dispel rumours that their members are even trained in the process. Amongst this culture of secrecy, only one man has been brave enough to step forward and exhort the importance of exorcisms: Larson.

In each edition of the programme, the Reverend examines one case of demonic possession. Interviews with friends and family members and a detailed look at each sufferer’s personal history demonstrate how the condition affects their life. In order to show how the possession manifests itself, each victim explains how it affects their day-to-day behaviour, while special cameras show any activity they endure during the night.

Larson and his team – including his wife, Linda – take care to fully investigate the background of each case; some people claim to have suffered possession since childhood, whereas others state their personality changed dramatically in a short space of time.

Once this is completed, the Reverend finally confronts the demon. It’s a dangerous time when anything can happen; people can speak in tongues, bite, scratch and scream. Larson’s team are often called on to restrain the subject of the exorcism,
and it is a process which must usually be completed several times before the sufferer is free.

As well as examining Larson’s work, the series also follows the Reverend at home, as he attempts to balance his dark, spiritual mission with a very peaceful, suburban home life.

Starts Wednesday 19th, 10pm On Virgin 1

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