The Saturdays 24/7

This access-all-areas series follows the five members of girl band The Saturdays, Frankie Sandford, Una Healy, Mollie King, Vanessa White and Rochelle Wiseman, both on and off duty.

In this first episode we meet the girls during the first two weeks of promoting their new album and single and see what goes on during their hectic schedule of gigs, photo-shoots and TV appearances as well as what they get up to in their private life with boyfriends, friends and family. The show also features an exclusive performance of their hit song Ego.

In unguarded moments, the series captures the girls’ mickey-taking and their individual habits and foibles, providing a unique insight into their personalities and the relationships between the band members.

When we first see the girls in a rehearsal session, they’re one member down as Mollie has been bitten by a horsefly on her leg and instructed to rest. She’s being looked after at home by Andy her boyfriend and Alfie the dog and says: “It’s put a strain on the band, you have to rearrange the formation and someone’s having to learn my lines and my harmonies.”

Back at rehearsals Mollie’s lines have been split between the girls, but it’s not just the singing keeping them busy as their un-toilet trained dogs are about!

Rochelle admits: “Although we’re doing glamorous shows I mostly pick up shit and wipe up piss!”

Still without Mollie, they head to their first big gig of the summer at Thetford Forest and get a chance for some down time beforehand where they tackle a high-wire assault course. By show time it’s clear the extra rehearsals have paid off and the show goes without a hitch.

After ten days off, Mollie’s back to rejoin the group just in time for a photoshoot. “I hope they’ve arranged the fireworks and the marching band to come out when I arrive!” she jokes.

Glammed up and ready to go, the girls start their photoshoot which is themed on a night out with the last shoot representing the morning after the night before. Rochelle reveals that she has a date with boyfriend Marvin, from JLS, straight after the shoot and isn’t sure how the smudged make up and messy hair look will go down with him: “Marvin’s meeting me here. I’m ready!” she laughs.

The girls have a rare day off and Una has a special birthday surprise for her boyfriend, England rugby player Ben Foden. “Today, we’re jumping out of a plane!” She reveals.

When she arrives at the airfield the tension is building. “Has anyone died recently?!” She asks the instructor. But she faces her fears and, back on the ground, says: “Words can’t explain how it felt, it was the best feeling I’ve had in my life.”

Vanessa’s also having a hair-raising experience as she takes to the road with a new driving instructor. “My [last] instructor sat me down and said he doesn’t think I should do this,” she reveals.

After an intense lesson her new instructor says: “Vanessa has a control factor of about five, she still needs a lot of work at the moment. If I didn’t have dual controls I’d be worried.”

But, ever the optimist, Vanessa says: “[My instructor] has made me a lot more confident. There’s got to be someone out there who’s worse than me!”

It’s time for the girls’ biggest gig of the summer so far at Rochester Castle and their first one with all five of them back together. Una reveals it’s her parents’ thirty third wedding anniversary and the girls talk about dedicating a song to them as they’ve flown over from Ireland for the show.

Backstage at the gig Mollie and Frankie challenge Diversity to a dance off and Vanessa, the only single member of the band, is getting lots of attention from Siva from boyband The Wanted which results in lots of teasing from the rest of the girls.

In front of thousands of fans, as well as friends and family, the band puts in a headlining seventy minute set and leaves stage to rapturous applause.

Thursday, 26 August 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM