The Secret Circle launches on Sky Living next week

by Lisa McGarry

This September, Sky Living HD launches one of the most exciting new US dramas, The Secret Circle.

One of the hottest dramas to come out of this year’s LA Screenings, and like “The Vampire Diaries”, The Secret Circle is based upon the successful book series by author L.J. Smith and is a romantic drama full of mystery, intrigue and danger – as it chronicles the story of a young girl who discovers not only that she is a witch and part of a secret coven, but that she is the key which will unlock a centuries-old battle of good versus evil.

Cassie Blake was a happy, normal teenage girl – until her mother Amelia dies in what appears to be a tragic accidental fire. Orphaned and deeply saddened, Cassie moves in with her warm and loving grandmother in the beautiful small town of Chance Harbour, Washington – the town her mother left so many years before – where the residents seem to know more about Cassie than she does about herself…

As Cassie gets to know her high school classmates, including sweet-natured Diana and her handsome boyfriend Adam, brooding loner Nick, mean-girl Faye and her sidekick Melissa, strange and frightening things begin to happen. When her new friends explain that they are all descended from powerful witches, and they’ve been waiting for Cassie to join them and complete a new generation of the Secret Circle, Cassie refuses to believe them – until Adam shows her how to unlock her incredible magical powers.

But it’s not until Cassie discovers a message from her mother in an old leather-bound book of spells hidden in her mother’s childhood bedroom, that she understands her true and dangerous destiny. What Cassie and the others don’t yet know is that darker powers are at play, powers that might be linked to the adults in the town, including Diana’s father and Faye’s mother – and that Cassie’s mother’s death might not have been an accident.

Combining the wonder of witchcraft with the scare of the supernatural, The Secret Circle explores the might – and burden – of a young girl living out her family’s legacy.

The Secret Circle will sit alongside an established and powerful array of successful paranormal dramas including Teen Wolf, Supernatural and original British drama Bedlam, as well as brand-defining pacey series’ Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy.

The series stars Britt Robertson as Cassie Blake, Thomas Dekker (The Sarah Connor Chronicles) as Adam Conant, Phoebe Tonkin as Fay Chamberlain, Jessica Parker Kennedy as Melissa, Shelley Hennig as Diana Meade, Louis Hunter as Nick, Gale Harold as Charles Meade, Ashley Crow as Jane Blake and Natasha Henstridge as Dawn Chamberlain.

Executive Produced by Dawson’s Creek and The Vampire Diaries writer, Kevin Williamson, The Secret Circle premieres in the US on CW network and will TX in the UK in September, exclusive to Sky Living.