The Secret Tourist visits Tunisia!

Matt Allwright sends a British family undercover to a four-star, all-inclusive hotel in Tunisia to find out if bad reports from some tourists are really true, as BBC One’s consumer series continues. The Secret Tourists are less than impressed with the poor standard of their room and the general cleanliness of the hotel. The family is also concerned with the health and safety of the pool area and the discovery that five out of seven smoke detectors they see are out of order.

The series’ environmental health expert, Dr Lisa Ackerley, joins the family at the hotel to collect some samples for testing. Testing the bedside table for microbes, Dr Lisa finds it dirtier than the toilet, the testing machine showing the highest reading she has ever seen. She also reports that the fire safety measures are unacceptable and could lead to serious potential dangers, even death, in the event of a fire.

Reporter Carole Machin meets a British tourist whose six-year-old son drowned at a hotel swimming pool abroad. Following a report that estimates there are nearly 650 swimming pool accidents a day in the European Union, Carol travels to Lanzarote to look into hotel pool safety over there. During the course of the investigation, The Secret Tourist finds evidence of widespread safety breaches including the fact that half of the swimming pools in the survey do not have lifeguards, 70 per cent of the hotels visited lack adequate buoyancy aids and half the hotels checked out have broken tiles and sharp edges surrounding the pool.

Matt reveals more tricks and cons that tourists can be exposed to while on holiday and this week shows how unsuspecting tourists can be scammed in taxis that charge more or rig meters for scenic detours. The Secret Tourist also recreates a hire company con, revealing how some hirers claim their mopeds, boats and pedalos have been damaged and threaten to keep tourists’ passports until they give them compensation.

The Secret Tourist team researches the holidays from hell, so viewers don’t have to.

Wednesday 11 August
9.00-10.00pm BBC ONE