The Sex Education Show: Stop Pimping Our Kids

Sex Education Show: Stop Pimping Our Kids

Episode 3 -Thurs 21st April at 9pm on Channel 4

The Sex Education Show returns for a new series across three nights this week fronted by Anna Richardson, taking its own unique brand of sex education to schools up and down the UK.

Anna also launches a major campaign against the sexualisation of children: Stop Pimping Our Kids!

From sexualised clothing for children and explicit magazines displayed on lower shelves in newsagents to provocative music videos routinely screened well before the watershed – Anna sets out to confront the big businesses who are contributing to the sexualisation of kids and campaigning for change.

In tonight’s final programme Anna investigates some of the music television channels who are beaming videos packed with shockingly sexual images into homes throughout the day when children are watching. She hits the streets with images from recent music videos and asks the public to guess … pop or porn?

Anna confronts the music channel bosses; and rounds off this week of campaigning by showing the viewers how they can get involved and let the high street stores, newsagents and music channels know they want them to Stop Pimping Our Kids!

Plus Anna and Dr Radha Modgil hit Brislington School in Bristol where with a line up of nude models aged from 19 to 70, they reveal how the body develops, from girl to woman. A breast gallery full of naked breasts makes our teenagers realise boobs do not all come in perfectly round and symmetrical packages.

And there’s more ‘keeping it in the family’ as pupils get a surprise and at times excruciating visit from Mum and Dad and ask each other all the questions about their sex & love lives they never dared to ask!