The Sex Education Show: Stop Pimping our Kids

The highly acclaimed The Sex Education show will be back this spring to deliver more vital sex education in schools and campaign against the sexualisation of our children.

Stripped across Channel 4 for three nights in April, The Sex Education Show: Stop Pimping our Kids will examine how children are being sexualised from an increasingly early age. From the high street selling padded bras for six year olds to music channels broadcasting sexually explicit lyrics and images in the daytime and soft porn magazines on sale at child eye line in major newsagents, presenter Anna Richardson will confront those responsible and campaign for change.

A staggering 75% of music videos have sexual imagery. These videos are dangerously distorting young children’s perception of sex and relationships. We confront the music video channels about the content they are airing pre-watershed ask the great British public is it porn or pop?

The programme sends a group of undercover mums into well known high street stores to discover the inappropriate clothing being sold to children and arms a mum and young son with toddler-cam to expose the newsagents who sell soft porn next to kids comics.

Anna and Dr Radha Modgil will once again visit schools across Britain to answer hundreds of questions about sex and reassure pupils that no matter what they look like or whatever their sexual preferences, everyone is normal.

This year the series will also be taking the pupils out of school in unique field trips to learn firsthand about subjects ranging from STI’s to fertility. Plus the programme will encourage parents and children to communicate more openly about sex and relationships in “Sex with Mum and Dad”.

The serieswill be accompanied by the comprehensive and highly successful Sexperience website, which will give viewers an opportunity to find out more about the issues raised in the programme and learn from others’ experiences on a broad range of issues.

The Sex Education Showhas been praised by healthcare professionals and was recently nominated for a Cultural Diversity and Stonewall award.