The Sparticle Mystery comes to CBBC

by Lisa McGarry

Imagine a world without adults. That is the world facing the children in The Sparticle Mystery.

When a science experiment goes wrong and all the world’s adults are spun into a parallel dimension the children begin the adventure of a lifetime – life without parents and carers!

The Sparticle Mystery is a new 13-part sci-fi adventure series for CBBC from the team behind the Bafta award winning drama Summerhill. Filmed entirely on location with an ensemble cast of children, it is written and created by Alison Hume (Summerhill, Rocket Man) and produced by Stephen Smallwood (Summerhill, Day of the Triffids, Murphy’s Law).

At first a world governed by children is a fun place to be but then the fight for survival begins and this leads our heroes on a quest to discover what has happened to the grown-ups and find out how they can bring them back.

As the children split into tribes they attempt to build a society for themselves from scratch. Which isn’t easy when there are no adults to provide power, food, water or even a lift…

As the series progresses these children learn how to take care of one another, both emotionally and physically, and together they will unearth the truth about the massive experiment that has turned their lives into a struggle for survival.

The children must seek out the top secret Sparticle Project – a massive particle collider machine built to look for parallel universes – undo the cosmic damage and realign the two worlds if they are ever to be reunited with their parents…

Sue Nott, Executive Producer CBBC, says: “We’re very excited to be bringing contemporary new British drama to CBBC, with an empowering adventure which has children very much at its heart.”