The Undateables: Heather, Matthew & ‘virgin’ Gareth try to find love but will Peter Andre ruin it?

by Lisa McGarry

Undateables II Heather

The penultimate episode of the current series of The Undateables airs on Channel 4 tonight, as we meet another group of people suffering from a range of disabilities, looking for love.

First up is a 38 year old lady named Heather, who battles with OCD but doesn’t want to be alone any longer. Heather is a germophobe, who usually finds it easier to avoid physical contact with other people and she admits that she hasn’t invited anyone into her home for a very long time.

She also suffers from Asperger’s and when she does get into a conversation, finds it hard to make eye contact and engage with people she’s talking to. Tonight she will be seen preparing to meet Peter, for her first date in three years. Tune in to see if it goes well this evening.

Undateables II Gareth

Meanwhile, Gareth, 28, has a brittle bone disease named osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) and reveals to the team that he has had more injuries than he can count and has broken his legs more than 150 times in his life. As a result, he relies on a wheelchair to get around.

He admits that he wants to find someone special, revealing:

‘I just don’t want to die a 40-year-old virgin,’ he says.

He is seen embarking on a date with a girl named Beth, and he takes her to a local seafront restaurant, but will they hit it off?

Undateables II Matthew

Lastly we meet 20 year old Matthew, who is autistic and currently studying at a college in Milton Keynes. He is a karate and indie music enthusiast and admits that he has never been on a date before and never had a girlfriend.

This evening he is seen taking Nicola from St Albans out for the evening. She also has autism, which he hopes will make things easier but will he be able to get over the fact that she is a Peter Andre fan?

Tune in tonight, 9PM, Channel 4…