The Vampire Diaries – A View to A Kill (SPOILERS)


Rebekah turns down Klaus’ plea to stop Kol and decides to protect Jimmy, leading Klaus to turn to Stefan for help.

Bonnie has an angry confrontation with her father Mayor Hopkins about his approach to ending violence in Mystic Falls, and then has a scary run-in with Kol, followed by an unexpected visitor.

The already tense feelings that exist between Stefan and Damon are complicated further when Klaus decides to let slip a secret about Damon’s personal life, and then surprisingly asks Damon for personal advice.


Elena talks to Stefan about the dangerous plan she has concocted for Jeremy, which leaves Stefan in a difficult spot. After the 1980’s dance is cancelled by Mayor Hopkins, Stefan uses his charm to make it up to the sad and disappointed Rebecca.

Elena tells Stefan about her dangerous plan for Jeremy, leaving Stefan in a difficult spot. When the 1980s Decade Dance at the high school is cancelled by Mayor Hopkins, Stefan finds a charming way to make it up to a disappointed Rebekah.

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