The Vampire Diaries: Nathaniel Buzolic admits he almost killed Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev heads far far away!

Nathaniel Buzolic

Ian Somerhalder could well be the best thing about The Vampire Diaries so we imagine there would have been quite a bit of devastation if he’d been killed on set, while filming for the hit CW show.

In a brand new interview Nathaniel Buzolic has admitted that he thought he’d put an end to his career when filming the most recent series of the vampire drama, when he endangered the life of one of it’s leading men.

The hunk admitted that he and Ian were filming a fight scene when something went wrong and after telling Quem magazine that Somerhalder could have died, the actor who plays Kol Mikaelson in TVD told the publication:

“We were in a fight scene and something didn’t work. For a few minutes I thought my career will end here and I’ll be chased by fans of the show for life!”

Thankfully ti all worked out ok and both men walked away unscathed. Phew!

Nathaniel Buzolic

The Australian actor has built up a massive and enthusiastic following ever since he landed a part in the popular TV show and he revealed that while he loves the support he does get incredibly embarrassed when fangirls cry upon meeting him.

He said:

“I love to meet the fans. I just get embarrassed with those who weep. I don’t know what to do or what to say. It’s a very embarrassing situation.”

The stars of TVD are all currently on a break from the show, but it seems as though leading couple Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder won’t be reuniting anytime soon, after they split in April of this year.

Nina revealed on Twitter that she is heading to Asia this week and told her followers:

“Get ready the Dragon/Dobrev Duo are en route! About to wander… ASIA !!!”


Ian has been more than busy too and after he wrapped filming on the CW series, he travelled the globe quite a bit before settling in London for a short time to begin shooting for his new film, The Anomaly.

That movie has now wrapped, and it appears that Ian has moved on to somewhere a little sunnier. He tweeted yesterday saying:

“Beautiful and warm morning on a bright blue European coastline… Calm.Healthy.Happy.Thoughtful.”