The Vampire Diaries season 4 spoilers: More details on Elena’s death and what she knew about her fate….

So when The Vampire Diaries came to an end last month, Elena sacrificed her own life for Matt’s, but one question on fans lips ever since has been did she know she had vampire blood in her system and would survive the car accident?

The brunette beauty was travelling with her long time friend, when their car careered off a bridge and into the water below and when Stefan finally came to the rescue, she insisted that he save Matt first.

As a result Elena died, or so we thought, but it turned out that when she had been treated in hospital in a previous episode, Meredith (Torrey DeVitto) had injected her with vampire blood and therefore guaranteed her immortality. The last scene of season three saw Elena coming back to life in the hospital mortuary.

In a new interview with, executive producer, Kevin Williamson revealed that Elena knew nothing about the blood and was truly being selfless when she sacrificed herself for Matt.

He said the central lady will be shocked when she discovers what has happened at the start of season four and explained:

“She was sacrificing herself for Matt.”

“It’s going to be very emotional. I’m loving the journey that the writers are creating for her.”

Kevin recently revealed that Elena’s personality will be altered in some ways now that she’s a new vampire and that her feelings for and allegiances to the Salvatore brothers may begin to change. In the last episode she chose Stefan over Damon but things may be shook up now that she is no longer a human and is angry about the choice that was taken out of her hands.

Williamson’s colleague Julie Plec also recently explained that Elena’s first few outings as a vamp will be very similar to those of Stefan in season one. She said that Elena’s transition “takes us back to Stefan arriving in Mystic Falls, trying to hold himself together and not let anybody know who he was.”

The Vampire Diaries will return to the CW for it’s fourth season in October 2012. We don’t know if we can wait that long! What do you think of the new Elena? Are you excited? Leave your comments below…