The Vampire Diaries SPOILERS – Actor to make surprise return with cameo appearance

by Owen Tonks

The Vampire Diaries

Steven R McQueen is to make a cameo appearance in The Vampire Diaries before the end of season four next month.

The actor, 24, who played Jeremy Gilbert in the paranormal drama, made his departure from the show in February after his character was killed by vampire Silas.

And while exact details of Steven’s return are yet to be announced, he will appear in one of the final five episodes of season four yet to air, according to TVLine.

Meanwhile, many of the other characters’ paths are uncertain with executive producer Julie Plec admitting that some may not make it to their Mystic Falls graduation with many of their loved ones having already been killed off.

Julie told TV Guide: “Elena is sans family. There is a line in the [penultimate] episode when Elena is filling out graduation announcements and she says, ‘Who am I supposed to send mine to?'”


But while Elena may have lost those close to her, some characters such as Caroline, Bonnie, Matt, Stefan and Rebekah may not be able to celebrate the end of their school days at all.

Julie continued: “Definitely not all of our wayward, delinquent students will be present when it comes time to collect their diplomas. I’m not saying they won’t be alive – they just won’t be able to extricate themselves, as graduation falls right in the middle of a crucial supernatural time.”

However, those who do make it to graduation will be handed suitably blood red caps and gowns and one student will consume the much sought after vampire cure.

The Vampire Diaries

“This will be one of the finale’s final moments,” concludes Julie.

Season four of The Vampire Diaries will end on May 16 in the US and in the UK it airs on ITV2 at 9pm on Tuesdays.

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