The Vampire Diaries spoilers: Possible death in upcoming episode


The Vampire Diaries characters Elena and Klaus may kill off other characters on the show as they attempt get the map to the cure.

Klaus, played by Joseph Morgan, insists that as long as original vampire Kol is free, they won’t be able to locate the map.

The storyline, which will play out in episode 12 of season four, will see Elena, played by Nina Dobrev, call on fellow character Jeremy, played by Steven R. McQueen, to kill Kol but Kat Graham’s character Bonnie is shocked by the plans.


Elena tells Stefan (Paul Wesley) about her requirements for Jeremy which leaves him with some tough choices as Klaus warns him that if Kol continues to run free, they may never locate the map to the cure.

Jeremy soon realises they need the help of Bonnie but she is in a difficult position following a run-in with her father, Mayor Hopkins, over how he wanted to put a stop to violence in Mystic Falls.

In addition to the tangled web surrounding the plan to kill Kol, Klaus heightens tensions between Stefan and Damon, played by Ian Somerhalder, by revealing some information from Stefan’s personal life.


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Watch the promo of the episode of the episode called A View to a Kill here.

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