The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln says the walkers are “psychologically changing” the characters, Andrea’s death was a “turning point” for Rick


We’re still some months away from the premiere of the fourth season of The Walking Dead, but as we witness year in, year out, the hype never seems to die.

The show took Comic-Con by storm last week with its panel, and they also seemed to cause a stir in the press room when they discussed the forthcoming fourth season of the show.

Speaking about season 4, Andrew Lincoln said: “”In these scripts that I’ve read so far you really understand the impact the world is making on these people’s psyches. So much of the show has been kinetic and very much in the moment. I feel like now there’s breathing space and you really feel the full impact of how it really is psychologically changing a lot of these people. Which for me is a very, very interesting area to explore”.

Gale Anne Hurd added: “Those of you who saw the four-minute promo have a good idea that once again, there are threats from within. There are human threats. It’s a world in which the walkers predominate more than ever, and they’re pressing in upon them. It’s not just one walker in a field somewhere. They’re omnipresent, and they’re pretty ravenous. And boy, does Greg Nicotero have some new tricks up his sleeve.”

Meanwhile, Robert Kirkman said there is going to be some “really cool stuff” happening with The governor this season, and when the show returns, we’ll all be able to say “oh yeah, that is a great reason to keep that guy around”.


As we have seen in the promo’s that have been released so far, the walkers storm the prison which Daryl & Co. are staying in, so there’s an increased presence of the walkers this season.

Speaking about the threat, Greg Nicotero said that the “group’s been on the road for a long time and they’ve become very proficient at killing walkers. We wanted to make sure the threat was still there… It doesn’t matter how great and how efficient they are as killers; if they’re caught off guard they’re caught off guard.

“This season we’ve probably surpassed Season 1 and Season 2 completely in terms of numbers of walkers”.

Speaking about Merle’s death last season and whether it will lead on to any conflict with Rick, Norman Reedus who plays Daryl said: “The thing with Rick and Merle – you don’t tell Merle what to do; if Merle decides he’s going to do something he’s gonna do it, and I don’t know that that blame would be passed around… Rick’s like the brother that Daryl doesn’t have in a lot of ways, and then there’s a lot of weird resentment as brothers have. There’s all sorts of things going on there”.


But, how has Rick been affected by Andrea’s death? Andrew Lincoln said that it was “one of the turning points” for Rick. “Andrea’s death must have had a profound impact, she was trying to do what Rick probably would have tried to do two season ago – she was trying to unify two groups of warring people,” he continued.

The Walking Dead returns on October 13.