The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus credits fans with charcter Daryl Dixon’s popularity

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus claims his character Daryl Dixon has remained alive due to his popularity with fans.

Actor Norman claims that any character could die at any time on a show like The Walking Dead due to the constant apocalyptic storylines.

Therefore, actors must work hard on their characters to keep viewers interested otherwise they are easily wiped out of the series.

He told The Associated Press: “You see series and they last a long time and sometimes the writing gets lazy or the acting gets lazy. Because we’re in a zombie apocalypse and anyone can go at any time, it sort of keeps us fresh and on our toes.”

Norman spoke to journalists as last week’s Paleyfest and admitted he is delighted he has been kept on the show in which popular characters have previously been axed.

And while Norman’s portrayal of Daryl has proved popular with his critics, he credits The Walking Dead’s Golden Globe-nominated cast with helping the show develop.

Norman Reedus 16

He said: “I watch them grow and I watch myself grow. It’s one of those acting things where like I’ll be in a scene with her or with him and I’ll say should I try this? And they’ll go `yeah’ and I’ll believe them and I’ll trust them. Everyone wants everyone to just kill it.”

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