The Walking Dead s 03 ep 10 ‘Home': Glenn is gunning for The Governor! (SPOILERS & VIDEO)


Glenn is still having evil thoughts about The Governor on this week’s episode of The Walking Dead and it’s fair to say that he is bearing quite the grudge against the maniac leader.

A teaser video for the tenth episode of the third season titled ‘Home’, it becomes clear that he is keen to end the man’s life, no matter what the cost.

Glenn tries to convince the rest of his team that they should help him put an end to The Governor’s life, before he decides to leave the safety of Woodbury and mount an attack on their prison home.

He chooses his friends well and is seen telling the incredibly violent Michonne, who has never been a fan of the leader ever since she and Andrea stumbled across his town:

“We sneak back in and put a bullet in his head.”

merle daryl home walking dead

In another clip, Daryl and Merle are travelling together through unfamiliar territory. Daryl wants his brother to return to the prison with him, but he may have a bit of a battle on his hands.


As the rest of the survivors try to agree on the best next move, Rick goes on the hunt for his lost pal. Daryl and Merle debate their options for the future, while the Governor brings normality back to Woodbury and makes plans for revenge on those who plotted his downfall.

“Home” will air in the US on Sunday, February 17 at 9/8c on AMC. In the UK it goes out at 10pm, 22nd February on FX.

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