The Walking Dead Spoilers: Norman Reedus opens up about season four

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus has given an insight into what to expect in season four of the show.

The star, 44, who plays Daryl Dixon in the horror, spoke about the series following season three’s explosive finale which aired in the US last month.

Norman told “I think [the governor’s] evolution of a bad guy is not dead yet. To reach the comic book status, like in the comic book, the guy is so ferocious, he’s on the precipice of becoming that guy.

“So the last episode wasn’t about the war, it was about who is becoming what in that world. Carl, what he has become, Rick what he has become, what Daryl has become. That’s the intro into season 4.”

The Walking Dead

And while the last series ended with a very dark feeling, other characters, in addition to The Governor, will also be heading down a difficult path.

Norman said: “[Carl’s] dark right now. I think he’s going to get much darker. I think all of us are real dark right now.”

On his own character, he added: “I think having these people relying on [Daryl] is something he’s never had before and he has this new sense of self worth that he never thought he could ever have.

The Walking Dead

“So through these people, that’s the glue that’s keeping him around. I think he’ll go hard again after [killing] Merle. I think Merle is going to shut him down for a minute.”

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One Response to “The Walking Dead Spoilers: Norman Reedus opens up about season four”

  1. Mary E. Klaver says:

    I love The Walking Dead, My husband went out of his way to give me a Walking dead Chritmas, every present was a Walking Dead item, he even got my mother in on it. Daryl Dixon is my favorite because his character is so complex and yet so very real, I think thats why so many people relate to his charcter. Norman Reedus is an excellant actor,and I am on pins an needles waiting for season four. GOOD LUCK!!!! To the whole cast and writers. Mary & John Klaver