The Walking Dead Spoilers: Season 3 Finale ‘Welcome to the Tombs’ preview! (VIDEO)


After Sunday night’s rather quiet season three penultimate episode, This Sorrowful Life, fans of The Walking Dead are in for a screamer with the series finale next week!

Welcome to the tombs, due to air on Sunday, will see the Governor finally make a move against the survivors in prison, leaving a question mark hanging over whether Rick and the rest of the group decide to up sticks and leave their safe haven before the battle commences.

Having already lost another man during last week’s episode, It is believed that Rick is likely to have to take charge of the situation after proposing to the other survivors to either leave the prison, or stay and fighting the Governor, but it is unknown how the group will vote, or what their fate will be.


In a sneak-peak clip of Welcome to the Tombs, the season finale, released by AMC, fans can see Carl and the other survivors packing for their almost certain evacuation, but whether the evacuation does indeed happen is left to be seen.

Meanwhile, in the promo for next week’s Walking Dead season 3 finale fans can see Andrea looking far from OK held up in the Governor’s torture chamber, with no signs of her ordeal coming to an end anytime soon, as well as Rick telling Michonne, “You’re one of us”.


And, Planning on going to the prison to “end this once and for all,” the Governor sets off, but, as the promo shows the survivors packing up, will they still be there when he arrives?

The Walking Dead series 3 is due to conclude in the US this Sunday with Welcome to the Tombs, watch the promo teaser for it in the clip below:

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