The Wolfman: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Shaun Ellis�

The Wolfman: Channel Five10 Things You Didn’t Know About Shaun Ellis�

*Shaun Ellis, or “The Wolfman” as he is otherwise known, has been living as a wolf, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the last two years in a wolf enclosure in North Devon, UK.

* Shaun is a member of a pack of wolves and is regarded as the Alpha male within the pack. The other wolves have accepted him into the pack, however if they wanted to, they could turn on him and rip his human body to pieces. At one point in the film, one of the wolves lunges 5-10ft at Shaun, pins him to the ground and disciplines him by clamping his jaw within its teeth.

* When the wolves are young pups, as their teacher Shaun must feed them chewed up meat from his own mouth. To remain leader of the pack he must eat a diet consisting of mainly high quality meat so that he gives off the correct scent to the other wolves in the pack.

* Shaun has learned to communicate with wolves and defend himself from other packs through scents and howls.

* Shaun is an ex-marine and is was well prepared for the physical exertions necessary to live as a wolf.

* Shaun has sacrificed a lot in his life, but has a recent fiancé, Helen and four older children from another relationship.

* Shaun has reared three wolf brothers, Yana, Tamaska and Matsi from birth, by literally living with them and nurturing them day and night.

* Shaun has studied wolf behaviour first-hand for the last 15 years, and is conducting this study to shed further light on wolf behaviour. It is a fascinating and compelling insight into this world, and the lengths that one man might go to.

* Shaun is constantly covered in bite wounds and scratches from the wolves, and has learned that wolf saliva, rather than stitches given in hospital, is the best healer for his wounds. His stitches are continually ripped out by the wolves and the wounds licked clean.

* Shaun is very articulate about his experiences and is available for interviews.

The Wolfman (Friday 18 May, 8pm on Five) is the unique story of Shaun Ellis, a man who has given up everything to take a dangerous and unorthodox approach to learning about wolves. Behind the secure fences of a Wildlife Park in North Devon, Shaun Ellis has overcome one of man’s greatest fears and joined a pack of wolves. Here he lives and breathes as a wolf; communicating with them in a language of howls , snarls and forceful licks and feeding with them from carcasses of meat.

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