The X-Factor Final Final Audition Show: Rough Copy & Dale Ali are out to woo Tulisa and Carolynne Poole returns with a whole new attitude

by Matt D

It’s true that time flies as, if I hadn’t been told to me a thousand times tonight, I wouldn’t have known that the audition stages of The X-Factor had already come to an end. Despite this the production team thought some of you needed reminding about the acts that have got through so the opening segment of the programme, as well as the last ten minutes, were dedicated to looking at the impact that some of the most memorable singers have had. This opener seemed to suggest that these successful auditionees were already getting interviews and coverage in national newspapers on a daily basis but in fact if you’d looked closely all of the TV coverage came either from Daybreak or This Morning so once again this was more cross-promotional work from ITV.

First up tonight was a group, yes we need a few more of those, in Rough Copy a trio of lads who had buckets of personality and trouble concentrating on one thing at a time. We saw them in the crowds acting up for people and shouting out ‘Shabba’ a lot making me think that they were going to be incredibly annoying and not very talented. Once they got on stage it seemed that Tulisa and Rita Ora were charmed while Gary looked bemused by the whole affair as these guys told the judges that they wanted to be the biggest band in the world rather than just as big as a current star. Rough Copy performed a soulful version of Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody which kicked in when they got to their harmonies as they all sidled over to the judging table to stare at and serenade Tulisa who looked both scared and flattered. Gary Barlow put it best when he told Rough Copy that they were incredibly talented but would be a nightmare to mentor while the girls told them they had fantastic presence and Louis really didn’t say a word apart from being the first to give them one of their four yeses. The judgments finished with Tulisa who the boys dubbed TT, with the mishandling of her name being a recurring theme after Tulisha and Tulisia, saying that she’d loved being sung to by them so she should be thankful that all the male contestants only seemed to have eyes for her.

We learned this in a montage which included Louis admitting that he’d never heard of Tulisa last year but now everybody wants her something he attributes to her being voted FHM’s Sexiest woman in the world. Firstly there was Clapz who performed a rap all about Tulisa and came with a rose that he’d stolen from the table of a neighbouring cafe in order to win over his would-be lover. For his efforts Clapz received four yeses and a kiss from Tulisa who is seemingly very easy to impress if she was won over purely by his composition. We also met 17 year old Dale a spotty teen who I believe has plenty of pictures of Tulisa dotted about his bedroom wall so he took the opportunity to see her in the flesh by singing the majority of his song right into her face. Once again Tulisa’s reaction to having her privacy invaded was to praise the chap in question with Dale joining Clapz and Rough Copy in the boot camp stages of the competition. My only concern was for poor old Jason who was Tulisa’s first on-stage admirer as he seemed genuinely in love with her and I think at Boot Camp we’re going to see some of these lads getting physical with each other as they attempt to win her affections.

Next up were a crop of male contestants all of whom were apparently very sexy, something I don’t feel I’m qualified to judge, and all of whom got the female audience in a bit of a tizzy. We met Adam, who worked at his parents’ double glazing company, a lad who immediately got a strong response from the women in the crowd until he revealed he had a girlfriend which garnered some boos from the girls however he was talented enough to get through despite being another contestant who bought an acoustic guitar on stage with them. The guitar montage continued with 18 year old coffee shop worker and general pretty boy George Shelly who performed a stripped back acoustic version of Britney Spear’s Toxic which I quite enjoyed. Others included in this gorgeous men montage included youthful boyband Triple J and soulful Nathan whose version of ‘Let’s Get It On’ seemed to please the women on the panel.

Next we were introduced to Robbie Hance a 26 year old who had been homeless on and off for the last six years after never really gelling with any foster families after being put into care at the age of 13. Though yesterday I bemoaned the use of sob stories I think Robbie’s was told in a tasteful enough way so that it didn’t seem overly sentimental but at the same time it made you think that there was no way he wasn’t getting through to the next round. I’d put my hands up to say that his was one of my favourite performances over the whole audition process as he sung Damien Rice’s Coconut Skins, on the third acoustic guitar of the evening, he seemed genuinely wrapped up in his performance and he came off as endearing and humble. The general consensus among the judges was that he just needed a break while Gary noted that he needed to work on his confidence but they all gave him the yes he needed to go through to the next round and I for one hope he goes a long way.

It was then time for some rubbish auditions including a lad called Alex whose version of Beyonce’s Halo was a weird tuneful mess and Alan who did a lot of karaoke and held concerts in his bathroom which sounded very kinky. This set the stage for us to meet 25 year old Scouser Danielle Scott who thought she was rubbish at everything apart from singing and often got compared to Amy Winehouse and Adele. As she came on stage to sing Adele’s ‘Turning Tables’ I had the premonition of hearing someone terrible but in fact she was fairly mediocre but had the terrible habit of performing needless vocal gymnastics. Gary stopped the song early but Danielle had to then beg to sing another song, Jessie J’s ‘Price Tags’, but again this was all over the place and the judges let her down as gently as possible though Gary did twist the knife calling her pitchy and saying that there were plenty of flat notes in her performance. After coming off stage Danielle was fuming, having apparently not heard any criticism about her singing up to this point, she started swearing before claiming that she was off to audition for The Voice and as they haven’t exactly been inundated with applications I’m sure they’d take her.

Our last section of the evening was there to demonstrate how tough it is to get into the dreaded ‘overs’ category this year which for years has been the place you’d find the cruise ship singers or the novelty acts like Wagner or Chico. We saw a lot of average singers not advance including one called Jason Patric, who I have to say has changed a lot since he was in The Lost Boys, but this was to introduce the last auditioning singer who we’d seen before. Carolynne Poole got through to Louis’ Judges Home stage last year but was told she was told there wasn’t a place for her over much more talented acts such as Goldie Cheung and Johnny Robinson so she was sent home. The story we are given is that she had nothing behind her eyes last year, whatever that means, as she was going through a tough time after the breakdown of her marriage and losing hope that she’d ever have a family. Carolynne told the judges her tale and how she’s got a new sense of fight in her as she perfectly made her way through Emeli Sande’s ‘Clown’ before getting a unanimous amount of praise and sent straight through to the next round.

I do feel like tonight’s episode was better than last night’s as we weren’t inundated by sob stories and at the same time we heard some great performances, especially from Carolynne and Robbie, though I wasn’t a big fan of the Danielle strop. Looking at the final montage of who has got through it seems that there is still a strong crop of contenders for this year’s title and as we’re finally at the Boot Camp stages now things will being to get more interesting.

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