Thirty Years since Dynasty, Thirty Shocking Moments!

To celebrate thirty years since blockbuster soap opera Dynasty burst onto our screens, CBS Drama, the home of iconic, blockbuster series, has compiled its 30 most shocking Dynasty moments ever.

In recognition of this iconic soap landmark, when the complete series finishes on CBS Drama in July, viewers will have the rare chance to see Dynasty: The Reunion, which hasn’t been seen on British Television for more than ten years and ties up all the loose ends of the epic Carrington saga.

The series is famous for its increasingly elaborate catfights, convoluted murder plots, outlandish bribery and corruption scandals, thwarted love matches and complicated family trees.

Thirty years ago we were introduced to the Carringtons, with Blake about to marry his former secretary Krystle. Throughout the nine series and the Reunion, family ties are broken, ex-lovers hatch revenge, secrets are revealed and sex and sexual jealousies are never far from the surface.

The celebrated Dynasty gave us Joan Collins fighting in ponds, the glorious Moldavian Massacre – a classic soap moment – plus most characters, at some point, either plotting a murder or about to be bumped off themselves.

Explosions, car crashes, poisonings and large scale fraud featured prominently, with a large dollop of Nazi treasure hunting, firebombing and shootouts thrown in for good measure.

In celebration of the gloriously gripping saga, the top thirty, dirty and dastardly Dynasty moments are:

1. Krystle’s about to marry Blake, but sparks fly with old flame Matthew

2. Blake forces himself on Krystle

3. Krystle leaves Blake

4. Ted bangs his head in a fight with Blake and dies

5. Blake is arrested for Ted’s murder

6. Dramatic arrival of Alexis as a prosecution witness at Blake’s trial

7. Krystle finds out she’s pregnant

8. Alexis tells Steven that he is Blake’s only child – Fallon is not Blake’s daughter

9. Steven has a drunken fall – he may have brain damage

10. Alexis get a private detective to spy on Krystle

11. Krystle suffers a miscarriage after falling from a horse – Alexis spooked the horse

12. Blake becomes blind after a bomb attack

13. Blake gets his sight back, but doesn’t tell anybody

14. Alexis sleeps with Cecil, but he has a heart attack

15. Alexis lies exposed – DNA test proves Blake is Fallon’s father

16. Adam and Fallon are flirting – they don’t know they are siblings

17. Steven is seriously injured in the oil rig explosion

18. Alexis tells Fallon that Mark is a gigolo

19. Alexis plots Congressman McVane’s downfall with a scandalous newspaper report

20. McVane threatens to kill Alexis

21. Mark is charged with the attempted murder of Krystle and Alexis

22. Fallon is paralysed in a road accident

23. Kirby tries to kill Alexis (again)

24. Steven claims he saw Alexis murder Mark

25. Rita is poisoning Blake

26. Steven stabs Matthew to death

27. Blake is accused of being involved in illegal weapons

28. Krystle vows to kill Alexis and will cite mental illness to get away with the plot

29. Blake has a secret stash of Nazi loot

30. Amanda and Michael’s wedding – the Moldavian Massacre!

Dynasty: The Reunion premieres on CBS Drama (Sky channel 149 / Freesat channel 134) on Saturday 23rd July from 5pm. The ninth season of Dynasty is currently airing weekdays at 8am, 1pm and 6pm.