This Is England 1990 to begin filming next year!

by Anna Howell

This Is England 1990 will “definitely” begin filming next year, according to Stephen Graham, the actor who stars in it.

This Is England is a spin-off show which follows the lives of young skinheads over the years from 1983 onwards, following the hugely successful 2006 film, This Is England.

According to Digital Spy, Graham has revealed that plans are well underway to make a third instalment of the hugely popular series, this time set in 1990, and that filming will begin next year after its director, Shane Meadows, announced that the production had been put on hold in order for him to complete his documentary about Stone Roses.

“Shane is doing the Stone Roses documentary, but we’re definitely gonna do [the new series] next year and my character is going to be coming out of prison, so I’m really looking forward to that,” Graham said.

Despite his excitement and enthusiasm for the next series, Graham admitted he was slightly nervous when originally asked to reprise his role of Combo for a TV spin-off.

“I think it was such a good film that stood up on its own,” he explained. “And then when he explained it to me, what I loved about it was getting to know the other characters of the story and letting them really become a part of the whole thing.

“You’re getting to see their life, their stories and everything. It’s a big ensemble piece now. I’m such a big fan of the show – I guess because I wasn’t in the TV series much, I watched it and thought it was fantastic!”

Graham went on to describe last year’s Christmas three-parter This Is England ’88 as “phenomenal” and “an amazing piece of television”.

“Some of the acting was leagues apart from anything I’ve seen in a long time,” he said. “Vicky McClure was just breath-taking.”