This Morning’s Jeff Brazier tells kids he loves Nicola T, but she will never replace their mother, Jade Goody!

The father of Jade Goody’s children, Jeff Brazier, has told his two children, Freddy and Bobby, that he is in love with his new girlfriend, glamour model, Nicola T, but has insisted that she will never take the place if their dead mother.

The presenter has previously said how his youngest son, Freddy, had found it difficult to accept his relationship with the former page 3 girl when they began seeing each other last December.

The TV presenter said son Freddy, seven, had struggled after Jeff and ex-Page 3 girl Nicola began dating in December, nut both boys are now coming to terms with the situation and accepting Nicola into their lives.

According to the Sun newspaper, former Dancing On Ice contestant, Jeff, said: “After losing their mum, they don’t want another mum.

“I reminded Freddy that Nicola isn’t trying to be his mummy — that no one could replace her. That’s what he needed to hear and he understood.”

The boys mother, former Big Brother contestant, Jade Goody died on Mothers Day 2009 after a brave battle with cervical cancer, and Jeff, who has said he is now “head over heels in love” with Nicola and that they have even discussed marriage, then took full custody of the boys having split with Jade five years previously.

And he added: “Nothing really matters to me more than my children.”

After Goody’s passing relations between her family and Brazier were somewhat strained.  Despite them all showing a united front towards the end of her life, her death-bed husband, Jack Tweed, was banned by Brazier from seeing the kids after a string of court appearances landed him a brief prison stint.  Jade’s mother, however, remained on good terms and took an active interest in her grand kids upbringing, but according to reports in the Sun, has clashed heads with Brazier over a pet hamster!

Brazier recently admitted that things had become strained between himself and Goody’s mum, Jackiey Budden due tot he extent she tends to spoil the boys.

According to Brazier he has had to “put his foot down” recently after she bought them a pet hamster without consulting him first.

He said: “It would have been nice to have been asked because now I’ve been put in a position where I have to be a mean parent who says no and ruins the fun.

“This has happened before with mobile phones.”

Despite this recent setback, Jeff is determined to have a good relationship with the boys’ grandmother.

He said: “I can’t fault Jackiey when she’s got the boys, I just wish we could work together a little bit.”

Watch an interview with Jade’s mum in the clip below: