This Week’s TV Highlights: Desperate Housewives finale, Britain in a Day, Glamour Model Mum Baby and Me, Borgen, Dead Boss

by Matt D

As this week’s TV is dominated by football it’s becoming harder and harder to seek out TV highlights however there are still some gems in the schedule if you look hard enough.

Desperate Housewives (E4, Sun, 10pm)
So after eight years of outrageous behaviour, jumps into the future and numerable affairs its time to say goodbye to the girls of Wisteria Lane as Huffman, Hatcher, Longoria and Cross all bid us adieu. In true Desperate Housewives style there is plenty going on including a birth, a death and a wedding as well as the usual supernatural twist in a ‘ghosts of Wisteria Lane’ section. Pivotal to all of this though is Karen McClusky here is terminally ill and is the star of the final episode by far made even more poignant by the death of actress Kathryn Joosten. As some may say this is the end of an era however I feel the show did have a good run and is leaving before it became too preposterous for its own good.

Britian in a Day (BBC2, Mon, 9pm)
Last year we saw Kevin MacDonald present Life in a Day, which was a collection of home videos filmed throughout the globe on one particular day, and this year Ridley Scott presents the follow-up Britain in a Day. On November 12th last year Scott and director Morgan Matthews asked people to film part of their day before uploading it to a YouTube channel and in total 750 hours of footage was collected before being cut down into a more manageable 90 minutes. There are some very newsworthy moments, such as the occupy London protests, while there are some moving pieces including a man with a brain tumour attending his daughter’s wedding. Mainly though Britain in a Day deals with the mundane nature of our everyday existence and the joy that can result from it.

Glamour Model Mum, Baby and Me (BBC3, Tues, 9pm)
In 2010 BBC3 presented a documentary about the life of glamour model and kiss-and-tell girl Alicia Douvall presented through the eyes of her fourteen year old daughter Georgia. This was a fascinating portrayal of a young girl who was much more mature than her mother and just wanted to continue with her studies rather than follow Alicia into the world of modelling. Two years later we return to find that Douvall has given birth again often leaving Georgia with the baby while she ships off to America to have yet more plastic surgery. At sixteen Georgia is obviously desperate to have some freedom away from her mother but her extraordinary circumstances obviously won’t allow this and once again this provides for some fascinating TV.

Borgen (BBC4, Wed, 9pm)
As you would expect next week is full of repeats on the main networks, probably as they don’t want to debut a new show when there’s football on the other side, however one welcome reshowing is that of Danish political drama Borgen on BBC4. Those who watched last month’s BAFTAs saw Borgen win the International Programme award beating the second series of The Killing which I feel was a just result considering the quality of the show. Borgen revolves around politician Birgitte Nyborg who shockingly wins an election and finds herself the president of a new Danish coalition. The multi-layered plot sees how Birgitte’s life changes as she has to balance home life with running the country and in addition it explores the power of the media through the eyes of a hungry young TV reporter. With great writing and excellent performances I would recommend Borgen to everyone as it provides a great alternative to watching foreigners kicking a ball around for 90 minutes.

Dead Boss (BBC3, Thurs, 10:30pm)
Comedy on BBC3 can be a bit hit and miss as for every Him and Her there’s a Coming of Age however I think everybody can agree that one of the best sitcoms the channel has produced is the excellent Pulling. Thankfully then Pulling writer/creator Sharon Horgan has returned to sitcom writing and starring in a new show Dead Boss in which she plays Helen a woman who has been wrongly convicted of murder. The programme looks at Helen trying to prove her innocence while at the same time trying to survive life inside the ghastly Broadmash Prison which is overseen by a tough governor and ruled by the prison’s big cheese Top Dog. Co-starring Jennifer Saunders and Geoffrey McGivern, Dead Boss sounds like it could be very funny indeed and given Horgan’s pedigree there’s a good chance that it will be.

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