This Week’s TV Highlights: Primeval, David Tennant in True Love, Mad Men season one, Silk finale, 24 Hours in A&E

by Matt D

Matt and Emily in Primeval Series 4

More football dominating the schedules this week but if you’re not bothered at all by who wins the Euros here’s five things you might want to watch on the box instead.

Primeval (ITV1, Sat, 6pm)
For fans of dinosaur drama Primeval without access to digital TV it’s been a long sixteen month wait to watch series five after its initial airing on Watch last year. Series five starts with a promise to explore new plot strands such as a revelation about Matt’s identity as well as much more about Philip Burton’s New Dawn programme. However what most of us come to see is the CGI beasties and this week’s big story revolves around giant burrowing subterranean creature which sounds like classic primeval stuff. Original cast members Hannah Spearrit and Andrew-Lee Potts are still great as lovebirds Connor and Abby while Ben Miller, as ever, steals every scene he is as the Government agent James Lester. Primeval is an example of Saturday night family entertainment done right and is a far cry for the endless run of singing competitions that populate the weekend schedules.

True Love (BBC1, from Sun, 10:35pm)
This week’s big drama offering from the BBC is this five part series, shown across the week from Sunday to Wednesday, concentrating on inter-linking stories of love and loss. The cast is amazingly strong featuring Billie Piper as a teacher who falls for one of her female pupils, David Morrissey as a single father looking for love, Ashley Walters and Lacey Turner as a young couple who struggle with their new baby and Jane Horrocks as a mother who has decide whether to decide with her husband now her kids have flown the nest.

The episode that kicks everything off stars David Tennant as a happily married man who is tempted by his first love played by This is England’s Vicky McClure and has decide whether to stay with his wife played by Joanne Froggat. Though this Margate-set drama is written and directed by Dominic Savage the majority of the lines have been improvised by the great cast which doesn’t always work however more often than not the talented actors make it work.

Mad Men (Sky Atlantic, Tues, 9pm)
After buying the rights to Mad Men from the BBC, Sky Atlantic went about airing the newest season first however now they’ve aired series five they’re going back to the start bringing us the advertising drama from the very beginning. For those who’ve never watched an episode of the show, and have access to Sky Atlantic, then I implore you to check out the goings on advertising agency Stirling Cooper where Jon Hamm’s Don Draper is a top executive. Though this opening instalment is more of a getting to know everyone exercise, which includes naive secretary Peggy Olson, the drama soon develops into one of the greatest of the last five years. Everything about Mad Men from the writing, to the performances and especially the period style in superb so you’ve got no excuse not to watch it, unless of course you only have Freeview.

Silk (BBC1, Wed, 9pm)
Unfortunately we’re already at the end of what has been a far superior series of Silk to the first one thanks mainly of the addition the cast of both Phil Davis and Frances Barber. Both play a part in this finale as it is the trial of drug lord Jody Farr who is now being defended by Martha after Farr’s solicitor Micky Joy, played by Davis, blackmailed her to help get Fatima Ali acquitted last week. Of course once again this sees Martha go toe to toe with Barber’s Caroline Warwick, who is also trying to get a place at Shoe Lane Chambers, with their court scenes being some of the highlights of this series. There are other stories to wrap up namely finding out if Clive has been disbarred following that business in Oxford and whether he still has any chance of salvaging his relationship with lady lawyer George Duggan. The most compelling story of all though involves Billy, who may or may not have cancer, and of course Neil Stuke just gets better and better in the role that anchors all the other characters together. My only annoyance is that the series is leaving us so soon as it’s just too good however that’s the way of the world as far as British dramas are concerned. A quick reminder as well that this is being aired on Wednesday rather than Tuesday due to the dratted football being aired in Silk’s normal slot.

24 Hours in A&E (C4, Wed, 9pm)
We’re already halfway through another brilliant series of this documentary focusing on the great work that all the staff do at King’s College Hospital in order to make the sick and wounded better. This episode though has cultural significance as it was filmed on the day that Whitney Houston died so this is a cue for staff and patients to warble through a selection of her greatest hits while there is also a woman being treated who fell over in her platform shoes while dancing to Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody.’ As always there are more serious cases namely that of a young man who falls 20 feet from a balcony and a woman from Northern Ireland who experiences difficulties with her legs while at her first spinning class. If you’ve never watched an episode of this documentary before I whole-heartedly recommend you watch it as it is so well-made and all the staff involved are very entertaining indeed.

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