Tinie Tempah reveals he can’t help but be impressed by Miley Cyrus

by Martin

Tinie Tempah

Slowly but surely other stars are commenting on Miley Cyrus and her recent change and the public perception following her various controversial performances and videos.

Tinie Tempah is the latest to comment and has revealed that his eyes were opened to her career and he was more aware of what she was doing by watching the documentary on MTV.

The ‘Written In The Stars’ performer spoke to our friends over at Digital Spy recently and discussed the former Disney channel star and discussed the documentary which aired on MTV recently.

He also discussed his forthcoming album and said that it’s important for fans to hear a growth musically.

Tinie Tempah2

Speaking about Miley Cyrus he said: “I watched the documentary – hats off to her. I’ve got to respect the girl for that. She’s going through that very tough phase that a lot of people in her position do, when they’ve been associated with something for so long that isn’t necessarily them.”

“You have to be a certain way, maybe even more responsible with your private life. She’s done with that now and she’s trying to reinvent herself. When she’s going out and going to the clubs, she’s listening to hip-hop music […] she’s just trying to be herself.”

Tinie Tempah is due to release his second studio album ‘Demonstration’ on the 4th of November and discussed that it’s almost like an evolution musically because that’s what fans need to hear:

“When I was making this album, I wanted people to see the evolution from a rapper who made his first album evolving into more of an artist.”


Tinie also spoke with NME last month and said that he wanted Chris Martin to feature on his new album and also discussed the albums title:

“One of the people who I really wanted on the record was Chris Martin, of all people. I went to his studio and played him a lot of the record, and the record I could hear him on. He gave me feedback of what he thought, what he liked and what he didn’t like.”

Speaking about the album’s title, Tinie added: “‘Demonstration’ is my second record. A lot of it just focuses on the evolution of me as an artist […] the vision that I had in my head and all the people that I thought could help me get my vision out to the world definitely worked out.”

“I thought about all these reasons why I wanted to make an album called ‘Demonstration’ or what it meant to me and it is definitely me demonstrating this evolution of a British fresh new rapper evolving into more of an artist.”