Titanic stars Jenna-Louise Coleman and Geraldine Somerville on scary water scenes

Julian Fellowes’ new drama Titanic kicks off on Sunday night on ITV1, and ahead of it, two of the show’s stars, Jenna-Louise Coleman and Geraldine Somerville, have spoken to the Sun to reveal that filming watery scenes brought back unpleasant memories for them.

Starting with Jenna, who was of course named as the new Doctor Who companion earlier this week – and who formerly starred in Emmerdale – she explained how some scenes made her recall a childhood drama.

She said, “I was on holiday in Portugal when I was younger and I got stuck on a lilo that went way too far out to sea.

“It was very dramatic — my dad had to swim out to save me, so I know what it’s like!”

Jenna, who plays the role of passenger Annie Desmond added, “It felt like I was in serious danger, but that’s probably because I was young — about six or seven.”

And Geraldine, who plays the role of the Countess of Manton, added, “I have been on a boat that was sinking — I was swept out to sea on a dinghy when I was a child and it was absolutely terrifying…

“I was with my sister and we couldn’t sail. I got in the water to try to swim to safety, but then I suddenly remembered Jaws!

“This was in the Irish Sea, so I really wasn’t going to be killed by a shark, but even so I had this absolute terror and got back in the boat pretty quickly.

“It was really frightening — but the sea is. It’s just so huge and we’re not really meant to be there. Fortunately a lifeboat came and rescued us.”

Neither actress would reveal if their characters live or die on the ship, but we’ll find out in the fourth and final part what happens to them.

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