Tom Cruise, Il Volo, The Inbetweeners and Downton Abbey cast on tonight’s Jonathan Ross show

by Lisa McGarry

Tom Cruise talks about the Cruise family’s love of Christmas, the boys from The Inbetweeners talk nudity and the sisters from Downton Abbey reveal the sacrifice they make for the hit series – their suntans on tonight Jonathan Ross Christmas special.

There is much excitement when Hollywood legend Tom Cruise appears on set this evening and explains that Christmas is a very special time of year for the Cruise family. “It’s huge,” Tom admits, adding:

“It’s my wife’s favourite time of year. Suri loves it. She loves decorating the tree and she’s very creative. She’ll create ornaments, so there’s lots of arts and crafts in the house.”

People may assume that, as a Hollywood A-lister, Tom would send people out to buy his Christmas gifts, however, Tom says otherwise. “We go out and get them. We go to the shops,” insists Tom.

Jonathan hands Tom a gift. He opens it to find a box with the message ‘For the man that has everything’, Tom opens the box and laughs when he finds it contains a medallion that reads ‘I have everything’.

Tom chats to Jonathan about the scenes he filmed for his new film Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, where he climbed The Burj in Dubai. Jonathan asks Tom if he’s scared of heights – “I’m scared of falling,” Tom responds. “It was pretty gruelling. We were there for eight or nine days,” says Tom. “The first time I went off the building it took my breath away,” he admits. When asked whether he warns his wife, Katie Holmes, before such dangerous stunts, Tom says that he waits and tells her afterwards. “We say afterwards, but she knows me. She knows I do everything to make it as safe as possible.”

Tom talks excitedly about his new film, Rock of Ages, which will be released next year. “I always wanted to do a musical,” says Jonathan. “I grew my hair for the role and had a bit of an extension at the back”. But what does wife Katie think of his long locks? “She was very happy with it. I didn’t get any complaints,” laughs Tom.

Jonathan also welcomes the sisters from Downton Abbey onto the show. Jessica Brown Finlay, Laura Carmichael, and Michelle Dockery. When asked by Jonathan how far they go to make sure the period detail in the series is correct, Laura is quick to explain the sacrifice they make. “We can’t get a sun tan!” The ladies are conscientious in maintaining their white complexions, however “The guys are not quite as good,” laughs Laura. “Jim (Carter) and Hugh (Bonneville) came back from holiday with really strong tans,” adds Michelle with a smile. Laura explains a joke their co-star played on them. “Hugh sent us a photograph when he was on holiday. He was reading the script covered in a big scarf and hat, yet he came back nice and bronzed!”.

The three ladies are delighted by the huge success of Downton Abbey and are excited as they talk about their celebrity fans. “Harrison Ford apparently said he wanted to be in it,” beams Laura.

The cast of The Inbetweeners, Simon Bird, James Buckley, Blake Harrison and Joe Thomas, are excited when Jonathan gives them each a Christmas gift, but they aren’t so thrilled once the presents are unwrapped! Simon is given spy glasses, Blake gets a machine gun glass, James an inflatable Zimmer frame and Joe and fish rod to use whilst on the toilet!

“Was it awkward seeing it with your kids?,” Simon asks Jonathan when he says he saw the film with his family. “No not really, they have a more developed sense of embarrassment than we have,” answers Jonathan. “Teenage boys in particular suffer with you on screen. So they enjoy that. We didn’t make eye contact with them during it, obviously!”. “My Nan really wanted to see it and I said there is no way I’m going to see it with her,” Blake adds.

Jonathan asks the boys how they felt about the nudity in the film. “It’s more than I was really happy with,” admits Joe. James, who has recently become a father, says he drew the line at exposing his penis. “There’s a scene where Jay gets his shorts pulled down. I wasn’t up for it,” he explains. “So they superimposed a penis onto my body, like something from Star Wars but it’s not like some sort of alien or spaceship, it’s someone else’s penis,”James laughs