Sleep with Sherlock: New exclusive collection coming from Dreamtex – details!

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Dreamtex are set to make the dreams of many Sherlock fans literally come true after it was announced the fabric and textiles company are to team up with the BBC to launch a new range inspired by the hit detective drama.

While the BBC already have a successful merchandise store, where fans can find a range of goodies on sale, from mugs to T-shirts, The Sherlock Collection will feature everything from bed linen to cushions, towels and fleece blankets.

There has as yet been no official announcement regarding release dates for the range, and so far, all that has been confirmed is that it will be released later this year. We wouldn’t be surprised to see the range hit stores in the UK around Christmas time, and if it does, it’s sure to be top of Sherlock fans’ Christmas lists this year!

The commercial director of Dreamtex, Andy Downie, said of the new range: “We can’t wait to begin working with the BBC…

“And it’s even more exciting with the new of a return series and a special. The game is most definitely on and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.”

As we reported on Wednesday, Sherlock will be returning to our screens sooner rather than later, albeit after the ridiculously long hiatus between seasons two and three.  A special is said to be in the works, which will begin filming in January 2015 and the main three part series to be shot later that year.

It’s often been difficult for the producers of the show to schedule filming around Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s busy lives after the pair have starred in big movie productions such as Star Trek Into Darkness and The Hobbit.

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BBC One told their Twitter followers  “The only thing is to expect the unexpected” when it comes to Sherlock’s return. The game is on!

What do you think of the new Sherlock range? Will you be buying it? Tell us below…



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