TV Spoilers! TVD/Originals crossover, Castle & Ryan Murphy on Leslie Jordan pulling out of AHS

by Sarah Jones
the vampire diaries

vampire diaries

The Vampire Diaries, and The Originals Executive producer Julie Plec has confirmed that a Vampire Diaries and The Originals crossovers IS in the works. Meanwhile, what’s coming up for Bonnie and Damon’s relationship? We also have the latest news on Castle guest stars who will be entertaining us in season seven, and Ryan Murphy has had his say on Leslie Jordan pulling out of his gig on American Horror story to go into the Celebrity Big Brother house.

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Considering The Originals is a spin-off of the highly successful The Vampire Diaries, the two shows worlds interacting with one another is always possible. Excitedly, Julie Plec has confirmed to EW that a crossover is likely to happen in the first half of the season,  but she wasn’t giving anything more away, bar that Alaric would not be the focus of this crossover despite his new status as an Original vamp. Although, she didn’t rule it out for the future!

Previously, Tyler has headed over to The Originals while Klaus and Rebekah both came back for the show’s milestone 100th ep. Anyone hoping Caroline will head over to New Orleans?

Julie has further teased that as Damon and Bonnie try to find their way home they could form a close bond. Could they become more than just friends? Meanwhile with new character Tripp entering Mystic Falls, it’s been speculated that Matt could turn his back on his supernatural friends. Surely not!


The cast of crime drama, Castle will be having some fun with this latest guest star as Gina Ravera, who previously played Detective Irene Daniels on The Closer.

She will guest star in episode two of the upcoming season. Her character’s name is Marsha Stoller and she’s the vice president of a toy company – we imagine Rick will be like a little kid in this place – if he’s working the case by this point! She finds herself in some trouble when her boss gets murdered. Whodunnit?

Finally, Leslie Jordan who previously appeared in American Horror Story: Coven has had to pull out of the fourth installment of the hit show due to his appearance in Celebrity Big Brother over in the UK. The actor was scheduled for a four episode story arc in the upcoming season, dubbed ‘Freak Show’. As we reported yesterday, Leslie revealed on Celebrity Big Brother that he was set for a month-long stay on the set of American Horror Story, from August 16 up until September 14.


Murphy reportedly wrote the role specifically for Jordan and said “I am a huge fan of yours Leslie, I understand the timing was off on this one, but I will always write you into future projects.” It’s exciting to know that Jordan may be involved during the fifth season of the hit FX show!

There has been no word on whether or not his role will be kept in Freak Show and his character recast as of yet, but when we find out we will let you know!

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