by Lisa McGarry

What has the great British public chosen as the greatest TV programme and song of the Noughties?

The results are in – we’ve whittled down a decade’s worth of crowd-pleasers, stadium-fillers, reinvented classics and behind-the-sofa moments to come up with the greatest TV shows and the greatest songs of the Noughties.

Living up to its name, Top Gear has been voted the greatest TV programme of the decade. And beating cartoon characters and reality winners to the coveted number one position in music is Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars.

The Greatest TV Shows and Songs of the Noughties is not about the highest-rated programmes or bestselling songs of the decade. Those lists are very different with lots of Heartbeat and England football games. So we’ve knocked those lists on the head. Instead we’ve conducted a nationwide YouGov poll to find the TV and music which defined the last ten years. A group of TV and music critics were also polled.

The Greatest TV Shows of the Noughties features some of the biggest names in television, from Jeremy Clarkson to David Tennant to Catherine Tate, giving us their views on what’s hot and what’s not from the past decade of television.

On receiving his top spot crown, Top Gear’s Richard Hammond said, “I could never say what the reason is for Top Gear doing so well since we started it but I think there’s always a sense that we’d still be doing it even if the cameras weren’t here and that makes it real”.

The Greatest Songs of the Noughties will be counting down from 20 to one what our real favourite hits are. On receiving the accolade, Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody said, “That’s incredible. It was written very quickly. I was down at my producer’s house and he and I sat up late into the night with a couple of guitars and more than a couple of bottles of wine and wrote a bunch of stuff. We woke up the next day and most of (what was written) was awful but there was just this one.”

But who else made it into the Top 20? In a decade dominated by box sets, has The Wire made the cut and have Friends made some enemies? Will the Dragons be scorched by ‘Suralan Sugar’? Which is the only soap to make it into your Top 20? At a time where our charts are dominated by reality television singers, will acts like The Killers or Arctic Monkeys feature? Are we still crazy in love with Beyonce or can we not get Kylie out of our heads? And will we dare to admit that James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful” is actually not bad?

To find out tune into The Greatest TV Shows of the Noughties on Sunday 27th and The Greatest Songs of the Noughties on Monday 28th December, 9pm, Channel 4.