Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson allegedly had a “furious rant” at paparazzi in Australia!


It’s been reported today that Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson allegedly reacted furiously to discovering that he was being followed and photographed by a posse of paparazzi while in Australia recently.

The Daily Star reports that an angry Jeremy yelled at photographers “Why are you doing this?” when he was photographed apparently meeting up with Phillipa Sage, a member of the Top Gear production staff with whom Jeremy allegedly had an affair.

The paper states, “Jezza allegedly threatened to throw one of them into the river outside a posh restaurant in Sydney, Australia.”

It adds that Jeremy vowed never to return to Australia after stating, “You can take them out of England, but you just can’t take the convict out of them.”

Angered at being photographed, he continued, “How did they know? Someone at the restaurant’s told them.”

Apparently one of the photographers was Australian Jamie Fawcett, of whom Jeremy reportedly said, “Fawcett is all right, but that bald-headed bloke, I was getting ready to throw him into the river.”

Another member of the party Jeremy was with – who were from Brand Events, the company behind Top Gear Live – then apparently told the group of photographers, “You’re the reason we won’t come back to Australia.”

With regard to Jeremy’s relationship with Phillipa, when press stories about their alleged affair surfaced a couple of years ago, reports about his marriage to wife of 20 years Francie then also appeared.

jeremy clarkson, phillipa sage

It was reported in various tabloids that Jeremy moved out of the couple’s home and began living in a flat in London. It was further reported that he only returned to his former home at weekends.

A friend of the couple told the paper, “It is a complicated situation. Phillipa works on the show and is Jeremy’s travelling companion.

“She keeps him company on tour.”

Here’s a reminder of Jeremy being interviewed by Michael Parkinson a couple of months ago…

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