Torchwood’s John Barrowman gets knickers and sexy pictures in the post!

John Barrowman has admitted that despite being openly gay, he still has a massive female following, who seem more enthusiastic than your general Tom Jones fan!

The Torchwood star has confessed that he regularly gets raunchy pictures of naked women posted to him, as well as items of underwear and requests for similar items of his own to be sent back.

Speaking about his ardent fanbase, Barrowman laughed:

“Sometimes I get sent knickers and occasionally I get requests to send some of my own underwear back. I always politely decline. It’s not going to happen.

“I get sent some seriously raunchy photographs too. They really don’t hold back, some of these women. The photographs are filthy but they’re not really my thing to be honest. All I’ll say is I appreciate the loyalty. So thank you.”

However, despite this almost stalking, John went on to explain that he loves being famous, loves being an actor and hates celebrities who constantly complain about their lot in life.

He told The Mirror: “It annoys me when some moan about the fame that comes with being on TV. It’s the best job in the world and I love everything about it. I’m not ashamed of that.

“If being a celebrity comes with that, I’m totally up for that. My partner Scott said to me one day, ‘What have you been up to?’ I replied, ‘Well it was fantastic, this morning I blew up a spaceship and fired a machine gun from a Land Rover as I drove across the beach chased by a helicopter’.

“Then I went off and had sex with a 22-year-old. It’s a bit of a cliché but it really is the best job in the world.”

Sounds like a fun life!