Trial & Retribution: Siren

by Lynn Connolly

Last night saw the very welcome return of DCS Mike Walker, DCI Roisin Conner and DS David Satchell in Lynda La Plante’s Trial & Retribution.

The first part of the new series opened with upper class no-good Sebastian Cole being taken by ambulance to hospital due to a heart condition, however, the ambulance was run off the road by drug barons, killing one of the paramedics and seriously injuring the other.

The patient, Sebastian, was then shot to death as he lay unconscious while his distraught fiancé Imogen stumbled from the wreckage and collapsed on waste ground. Enter gnarled DCS Walker and feisty DCI Connor…

Sebastian’s fiancé, celebrity heiress and IT girl, Imogen Buller seemed on the face of it to be the innocent victim however, further investigation revealed that Sebastian was involved in drug smuggling along with his friend, Clem Ross. The question was, was Imogen similarly involved or was she just the unwitting sap who provided the money?

Meanwhile, DCI Jack McGill had been carrying out covert surveillance on Ross and was furious with Roisin when she and Satch called on Ross to question him without first checking to see if his address was ‘flagged’ as being involved in an ongoing case. And at that point, Roisin and Jack began a game of Who Has Bigger Balls while quite obviously being very attracted to each other.

The pair engaged in a war of words/territorial pi**ing and ‘fronting’ up to each other, which, had they been six years old, would’ve involved shin kicking, hair pulling and note writing. Testosterone and oestrogen were palpably being shaken up into a copper cocktail that didn’t so much simmer as near boil over.

Soon, it became obvious that Imogen might not be as innocent as she seemed and that Clem Ross, Sebastian and the drug barons she was involved with were merciless in the pursuit of money, but was Imogen like minded? We’ll find out next Friday no doubt.

I do enjoy this show but I find Roisin’s OTT ‘attitude’ a tad annoying. She’s soooooo feisty it’s like she’s manic. She’s soooooo determined not to be treated like a woman, she’s almost a man. She’s soooooo passionate about her cases, she hyperventilates with every lead and clue…

I find it hard to believe that a real copper could maintain this level of professional and personal OCD without imploding, but having said that, it wouldn’t be called ‘drama’ without dramatic acting would it? But I bet Victoria Smurfit’s jaw aches when she gets home of a night due to the constant clenching she puts it through.

David Hayman as Mike Walker is unfailingly convincing though and I could easily see myself reporting a crime to him and him tenderly holding my hand and promising to find the person who did this…

I could also see myself sharing an after shift pint with the beleaguered Satch – the gofer and verbal punch bag of the station – while we had a good moan about the guv’nors.

All in all, I’m very glad to see the guys and girls – and Roisin – back and doing their best to put the bad guys away!

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.