True Blood ‘At Last’ spoilers: Bill goes in search of Andy’s children in a bid to make synthetic blood and Amelia Rose Blaire talks her embarassing first table read


A brand new promo video for the forthcoming episode of True Blood has been released.

On next week’s fourth episode of season 6, titled “At Last” (we’re already a month in! waw!), it seems Sookie isn’t Bill’s only way to save his kind and Bill tries to lire Andy’s kids into becoming a donor. Read on to find out more…

As we saw on Sunday, Sookie turned down the opportunity of helping Bill out as he is trying to make synthetic blood. However, he and Jessica have their eyes on Andy’s kids following the knock back from Sookie.

We see that Andy’s faerie kids have grown up and aren’t quite children anymore and he successfully lures one of the girls in to find the donor. Bill’s next task is to synthesize a new kind of blood since there’s a massive shortage of it.

And… how can we have a spoiler post without talking about Sookie’s new lover?


Sookie must confront her growing attraction to the mysterious Ben – whom she found in the woods. She invites him to her home and asks “What is it about me that you want?” She is told that she needs to be protected as it is her who carries the Fae.

Pam has a gun pointed at her in the next episode and Eric counters Governor Burrell’s brutal anti-vampire initiatives by holding his daughter hostage.

Meanwhile, Amelia Rose Blaire who plays Governor Burrell’s daughter – Willa Burrell has told Entertainment Weekly that the only questions her friends had when she took up the role was ‘Have you met Alexander Skarsgard?’

Speaking about her first table read, she said: “I’ve been a huge fan of the show from the beginning, so when I came in for my first table read, I just had the stupidest smile on my face. I was one of the first people to get there, and I was just sitting in the room, and then all of the sudden, in walks Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. I was so giddy as I watched all of my favorite actors and characters coming in and sitting at the same table as me.”

Blaire has mastered the art of not giving away any spoilers (shame, really…), but speaking about her character, she did say: “I feel like she has a lot of love. And I hope that’s what comes across — love for everyone around her.


“This role, I have found, is all about going to the place that scares me and pushing myself to step up. Which is really cool,

“I feel like a lot of the time as actors, it’s hard to find a role that challenges you to do something that you’re not sure if you can do, or if you can make it happen, or if you can go there. This show has continuously challenged me to keep stepping it up.”