True Blood “Let’s Boot and Rally” spoilers: Bill and Eric get help from Alcide and Hoyt gets close to Tara (VIDEO)

True Blood was pretty eventful last night and we still aren’t over the fact that Sookie and Alcide hooked up again.

In this week’s episode the werewolf will be at the fore of all the action again, as Bill and Eric continue on their search for Russell Edgington and enlist the hairy one’s help.

The vampires have until dawn to find the former king and while they first approach psychic Sookie for assistance in finding his hiding place, they end up taking assistance from their love rival.

As the tension builds between the two vamp bigwigs, let’s hope they find Russell soon and avoid meeting the true death at the hands of the Vampire Authority!

Meanwhile, Tara is still struggling to come to terms with her new life as a blood sucker but she has no other option after her maker Pam commanded her to stop attempting suicide in the last episode. In the next installment, the fiery former barmaid gets advice from Jessica, who is probably one of the most recently converted vamps around. However, we’re not sure her new friend would be so pleased to act as a confidante, if she knew that her ex-boyfriend Hoyt was offering his blood to Tara.

Elsewhere Lafayette is having difficulty dealing with his internal demon and reaches out to the spirit of his former lover Jesus for help.

Patrick Devins and Terry just found their old Iraq buddy Brian Eller, and the missing Marine was hidden away in a hidey-hole stocked with weapons. Now the pair end up being taken hostage by the unhinged soldier and will have to try to reason with their old pal.

Also in the new episode – titled “Let’s Boot and Rally” – Jason is worried by a disturbing dream, and Sam delivers bad news to Luna.

True Blood will return to US TV screens on HBO this Sunday, July 8 at 9 P.M. ET and later this year for UK viewers.