True Blood season 5 Spoilers: Brand new promo – Christoper Meloni is ‘the authority’ & Sookie’s in trouble…again! (VIDEO)

The time is drawing near, the new season of True Blood is almost upon us and thankfully those kind souls over at HBO are keeping us hooked with their steady stream of dramatic promo videos and teaser clips.

All you fangbangers are going to love the latest video, as it’s the first longer one that has been released in anticipation of the fifth series of the hit vampire drama and it gives us a great insight into the big themes of the new run.

Last week we got our first look at new cast member Christoper Meloni and in the most recent clip he appears aggrieved over the escape of Russell Edgington, causing Bill to promise:

‘Russell wants nothing more than anarchy. We will bring him in, or die trying.’

Eric seems concerned and thinks he is in the middle of a pretty impossible situation, confessing to Pam while they share a bed (what is that about?):

‘The end will come soon. Either Russell will have our heads, or the authority will.’

Meanwhile, Sookie is seen screaming for help, while holding the seemingly lifeless body of her pal Tara. But it seems that her first love Bill is more interested in what she can do for him, as he tells Eric:

‘Sookie could be useful..’

Eric muses:

‘I don’t think she wants anything to do with us again…’

But Bill insists:

‘I don’t think we’ll give her a choice.’

How very chivalrous! So it’s left to Alcide to protect the blonde beauty and he warns her not to be ‘stupid’ when it comes to her vamp pals….but then when has she ever acted sensibly around them?

We are a little confused by Tara’s (Rutina Wesley) death, as she was definitely one of the characters featured in the new posters for season five. Lafayette clearly blames Sookie and tells her that she’s the ‘angel of death,’ but we are thinking that Tara will somehow be back…who knows maybe as a vampire herself, or some sort of zombie..

True Blood Season 5 premieres in the US June 5 on HBO and in the UK later in 2012. Are you excited? Leave your comments below..